Wise statements

The Wise statements of Imam Husayn (pbuh)

Wise statements

The Wise statements of Imam Husayn (pbuh)

1. Indeed, some people pray Allah Almighty for the greed and wanting of the Paradise, so this will be a trade; and some other people worship and adore God because of fear, which resembles the worshiping and obedience of a servant from their master, and some praise Allah the Almighty for the sake of gratitude and they do so based on knowledge, and this is the worship of the free people which is the best of worships.

2. Indeed, the most generous of people is the one who helps someone who has had no hope in them. And the most generous of people is the person who – although capable of taking revenge – forgives others’ injustice.

3. Imam Husayn was asked about the nature of human’s dignity and virtue.He replied: «It’s a matter of controlling the tongue and having generosity» he was asked, in what lays human’s imperfection? He replied: Getting involved in something that is not useful and beneficial.

4. He said in a statement: Indeed, the believer does not do any wrongdoing and does not do anything ugly (so that he has to apologize for it and therefore) he will not apologize either.

The Wise statements of Imam Husayn (pbuh)

But the hypocrite person commits wrongdoing and does ugly things everyday, and (for that reason) he apologizes constantly.

5. If two people dispute with each other and one of them comes forward in peace and for reconciliation, then the person who takes the initiative will enter Paradise earlier and ahead of the other.

6. Note that the people’s need and their coming to you is a sign of God’s blessings, then do not turn away from this blessing; Otherwise you will be in hardship.

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7. Whoever who solves a problem of believers’ problems, God Almighty solves his problems in this world and in the Hereafter.

8. Our Shiites and followers are those who are devout and not inwardly devoted to any kind of trickery and deception.

9. The stingy person is the one who is stingy with saying hello (does not say hello).

The Wise statements of Imam Husayn (pbuh)

10. O people! compete in being good and hasten in the use of opportunities and do not count on a good work in doing of which you have not hastened.

11. Of the signs of good fame and good fortune is keeping wise people company.

12. Do not say anything that reduces your value.

13. Of the signs of the wise is criticizing his own speech and thought and awareness of different opinions.

14. Do not ask for help except from one of these three people: from the devout, the owner of generosity, or someone who is from a noble family.

15. Goodness is worship and silence is adornment.

16. There are five things that if not found in everyone, there will not be much goodness in them: intellect, religion, politeness, modesty and good temper.

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