who is the a’lam(the most learned (a’lam) mujtahid)?


Question: The jurists tell us that it is wajib to emulate the most learned (a’lam) mujtahid, and when we ask the religious scholars in our area, “Who is the a’lam?” we do not get a clear-cut answer so that we may follow his fatwa. When we ask them about their answer, they say that they are not ahlul khibra and they also say that:

“we have asked ahlul khibra and have been informed that identifying the a’lam mujtahid requires the study of the books of the mujtahids and that obviously is a time consuming and difficult task; so go and ask the others.

“If the problem of identifying the a’lam mujtahid is so difficult in religious circles, obviously the problem would be even more difficult in other countries like Europe and America. After a lot of difficulty when we convince the youths of these countries that it is necessary to abide by the shari’a laws, we reach to the question of who is the a’lam, and find ourselves lost for words. Is there a solution to this problem?

Answer: If there are some ahlul khibra who refuse to identify the a’lam for one reason or another, there are other ahlul khibra who readily identify him. It is possible to contact those ahlul khibra through the religious scholars and others who are reliable and have contacts with religious seminaries and with the scholars in other countries. So, although identifying the a’lam is not without difficulty, yet it is not a serious problem.


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