What are the two aspects of Imam Hussain’s (as) character?

The brilliant and lofty character of Imam Hussain (as) has two aspects: one is the aspect which includes Jihad, martyrdom, and the storm he launched historically, still powerful with all the blessings it brought that you are familiar with. The other aspect involves that of spirituality and mysticism, which is particularly manifested, in an amazing manner, in Dua ‘Arafa. We don’t have many supplications like the Dua ‘Arafa, wherein there is a touching submission, an amazing order of seeking assistance from the Almighty God while seeing oneself as perishable before the Sacred Divine Entity. It is an amazing supplication.

It is in this moment of spirituality, mysticism, submission and getting lost in God–disappearing in the Beloved and not seeing oneself before the Will of the Divine Entity–that has created the everlasting event of Ashura with such glory and nobility. In other words, it is the first aspect—of jihad and martyrdom—which is the result or creation of the second aspect: spirituality and mysticism. There are many people who are believers and strive for the sake of God, and they achieve martyrdom, too—it is martyrdom, nothing less than that. However, there is a type of martyrdom which is more strongly driven from a great spirit of faith; a burning heart with a flaming spirit, restless on the path of God and the Lord’s mercy, buried within the Divine One and His attributes: such form of jihad (endeavor) contains a unique zest. It grants an exceptional effect on the spiritual form. December 04, 1997

The IRGC Day is the birth anniversary of Imam Hussain (greetings be upon him), who was the embodiment and paragon of pure and immaculate endeavor and struggle in the way of Allah. This is why after nearly 14 centuries, the name of Imam Hussain (greetings be upon him) is still associated with justice, virtue and other spiritual and moral values, the values that also inspired our Islamic Revolution.

Our Islamic Revolution followed the example set by Imam Hussain (greetings be upon him) and succeeded in bringing about an Islamic revival and in restoring the glory of Islam. Indeed, the great sacrifices that you, the IRGC members, and other devotees of the Islamic Revolution made over the recent years caused an awakening in the Islamic world, proved the justness of the struggle of the Iranian nation and brought disgrace on the arrogant power of the world.

Ayatollah Khamenei