“Velayat-e Faqih in Shia Jurisprudence” Discussed in Armenia

[dropcap]A [/dropcap]forum titled “Velayat-e Faqih (leadership of jurist) in Shia Jurisprudence and its role in Iranian Government” was held by the Iranian Studies Department of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Yerevan State University.

The program was attended by Professor Malikian, dean of the faculty, Veskanian, head of the department as well as a number of lecturers and students of the university.

Addressing the forum, Hojat-ol-Islam Hashemian, an Iranian scholar, elaborated on the concepts of “Velayat” (leadership) and “Faqih” (jurist).

He mentioned some verses of the Holy Quran about Prophet Joseph (AS) and noted that based on the verses “knowledge” and “trusteeship” are the two necessary characteristics of Vali-e Faqih.

Hashemian stressed that such a person can guide the human society towards salvation.

The scholar also clarified the concepts of confrontation, interaction and perfection and noted that today’s world is a world of interaction and the society will reach perfection as a result of interaction.

He concluded that according to Islam, one who is at the highest level of knowledge and moral virtues should take the leadership of the Islamic society.