Grand Imam of al-Azhar strongly condemns calling Shias as infidels

AP836966983864-e1412699145794The grand imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic Center criticized certain satellite television networks for describing Shia Muslims as infidels.

Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb said Takfir (considering fellow Muslims as infidels) of Shia Muslims is unacceptable in view of the Holy Quran and Sunnah, Iraqi al-Nakhil news agency reported.

He underlined that allegations that Shia Muslims have a Quran different from that of other Muslims are baseless.

There are no serious differences between Shias and Sunnis that could mean followers of one of them are out of the religion (are Kafir or infidel), the senior Egyptian cleric stated.

Al-Tayyeb stressed that if he travels to Iraq, he will pay a visit to the city of Najaf, one of the holiest cities in Shia Islam.

He went on to say that the Muslim world is in need of unity and that enhancing Islamic unity is a necessity today.

One of the main duties of Al-Azhar is to make efforts for the promotion of Muslim unity, al-Tayyeb underlined.

Al-Azhar is the Sunni Islam’s highest seat of learning and is respected by Muslims around the world

Around 100 families of Hisar village in India embrace Islam

707dad21df4059ef1f1dfa3d8876dcdcSeeking refuge in Islam, around 100 Dalit families from the Bhagana village of Hisar district in the north Indian state of Haryana reverted to Islam at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on Saturday, according to Hindustan Times daily.

Families from Hisar’s Bhagana village, who have been protesting at Jantar Mantar for the past two years over alleged atrocities and rapes by the upper-caste Jats, claimed to have converted to Islam at Jantar Mantar on Saturday.

“We don’t feel like being part of Hinduism at all. The upper caste people (Jats) in our village have always treated us as if we are not human beings. So what is the point to stay in such a religion?” Bhagana Kand Sangharesh Samiti president Virendrar Bagoriya said.

Bagoriya confirmed that Maulvi Abdul Hanif from nearby Qutab Minar mosque performed the conversion formalities.

“We read kalima and offered namaz,” Bagoriya said.

Leaders from the famous Dalit families have complained of continuous discrimination.

For more than three-and-a-half-years the group has cried out at the local authorities, begging for allocation of promised plots pursuant to a state government scheme, and also against the atrocities they allegedly suffered at the hands of upper castes.

Deaf hears have also been turned to them when they asked for 100-yard plots each from Panchayat land outside the village, the village Panchayat has been refusing to do so.

“For years now, we are continuously getting harassed at the hand of “dabangs” in our village. They are depriving us from our land and raping our girls.

The testimony of reversion (Shahadah) was done under the supervision of Maulavis from New Delhi under the monitoring of Dr. Abdul Razzaq, an office-bearer of a New Delhi-based Muslim organization.

“After consulting all families, we had organized this program. Dr. Razzaq had also visited Bhagana to know the mindset of villagers. Hence we fixed August 8 as the day for the conversion ceremony,” said Bagoria.

Indian Actress Reverts to Islam

IndianActress-Reverts-to-IslamCAIRO – Famous young Indian actress Monica has decided to leave the life of lights behind her back, choosing to revert to Islam, don Islamic headscarf and quit the film industry.

“I don’t convert for the reason of love or money, am not such a person. I like Islam principles so that I converted as an Islam,” she was quoted by Muslim Mirror on Saturday, May 31.

“Hereafter I won’t act in the film, it gives some pain but I don’t change my mind,” the young actress added.

According to Indian media, Monica’s decision was announced during a news conference on Friday in which she released photos showing her wearing traditional modest costume and a hijab.

Changing her name to MG Rahima, she did not reveal reasons behind her decision to join the world’s fastest growing religion.

The Azhagi actress started her career as a child artiste in Tamil cinema and has acted in more than 50 films. She is also the popular face in other South Indian film industries like Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

Monica, who had won Tamil Nadu State Award as a best child actor for her performance in Vijaykanth starrer En Aasai Machan, is known for few of the Tamil movies like Azhagi, Imsai Arasan 23m Pulakesi and Silandhi.

In 2001, Monica had changed her name a Paravana for Malayalam film industry. The actress was last seen in Tamil film Jannal Oram, which was released in 2013, November.

Monica is not the first Indian celebrity to revert to Islam this year.

Earlier in February, reports said that both musicians AR Rahman and Yuvan Shankar Raja have taken the same decision to revert to Islam.

There are some 180 million Muslims in Hindu-majority India.

Saudi Arabia continues aggression Yemen

byislamSaudi Arabia has continued bombarding areas across Yemen as the United Nations calls for the cessation of conflict in the Arab country.

According to media outlets, Saudi warplanes conducted a number of airstrikes on the western province of Hudaydah late on Thursday, killing an unknown number of civilians.

Saudi fighter jets also bombarded the northwestern province of Sa’ada, killing at least one civilian there.

In retaliation for the deadly Saudi aggression, the Yemeni army backed by Ansarullah fighters targeted Saudi military bases in the southwestern province of Jizan.

There has been no report on the possible casualties or damage caused in the Yemeni attacks.

The development in Yemen came as UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator urged an end to the violence in the impoverished Arab country, saying, “The dialogue of weapons needs to be replaced by the dialogue of words. There is no military solution to this conflict.”

“What we need is peace,” he added.

O’Brien further noted that the international community must step up its measure to help the provision of critical aid for Yemeni people.

“I call on all parties to the conflict, and those who can influence them, especially in the region, to find a durable political solution for the sake of the Yemeni people. We must not fail them,” he said.

On Tuesday, Peter Maurer, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), warned of the grave humanitarian crisis in Yemen, which has been under heavy bombardment by Saudi warplanes for more than four months. He said Yemen is “crumbling” under a deepening crisis, which is nothing short of catastrophic.

Since March 26, Riyadh has been pounding various areas in Yemen without a UN mandate. The Saudi military aggression is meant to undermine the Ansarullah fighters and restore power to Yemen’s fugitive former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, a staunch ally of the Riyadh regime.

The UN says the Saudi war on Yemen has killed over 4,000 people, nearly half of them civilians, since late March. Local Yemeni sources, however, put the fatality figure at a much higher number.

Lady Gowharshad Agha and the Oldest Shi’ite Mosque

Lady Gowharshad Agha[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s a wealthy, prudent, and perfectly decent woman, she founded a mosque in the vicinity of the holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) out of deep devotion and sincerity that later was integrated into the holy shrine.

Lady Gowharshad Agha raised two educated sons who both were artist and scholar; the inscription upon the arch of the Gowharshad Mosque scribed in Thulth script is a work of Baysanqar, Gowharshad’s son, who scribed it in his twenties.

Mirza Sultan Ibrahim, another son of Gowharshad, also has written a Qur’an in Naskh script that was endowed in 827 A.H. to the holy shrine and now is being preserved in the museum of Astan Quds Razavi library.

Lady Gowharshad Agha, who had also the reputation of art and knowledge, founded the Great Mosque of Mahd-e Ulyia Gowharshad Beigum and monastery of Mahd-e Ulyia Gowharshad Agha in Herat.

After completing the construction of the Gowharshad Mosque, she endowed several villages to the mosque and assigned the custodianship of the endowments to her sons and in case of decease of her descendants, to the decent children of Ali Hamidi Alawi and finally to one of pious Sadat of Mashhad.

After Lady Gowharshad, some other endowers followed her in endowing several villages to the Gowharshad Mosque. Lady Gowharshad was finally martyred in the age of 81 and her body was buried in the Gowharshad School in Herat.

Effects of Halal and Haram Food on Personal and Social Behavior

halal 2[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n the special program of ‘Tebb al-Masumin’ that was held in the Dar al-Hidayat of the Razavi holy shrine, Hujjat al-Islam wal-Muslimin Mahdavinia noted that there are over 300 verses in the holy Qur’an that refer to the issue of nutrition and added, “This number of Qur’an verses in addition to hundreds of traditions from the Infallible Imams (A.S.) about nutrition indicates the particular attention of Islam to the health of body since just like worshipping, nutrition affects the human behavior and many of irritabilities of people come from their bad nutrition.

According to this expert in the Islamic medicine, that food cooked traditionally in home may contain much more energy and positive mental effects on people compared with fast foods.

“The first recommendation regarding the healthy nutrition associates with the issue of Halal; observing Halal and Haram in any domain should be extremely cared. A Halal money or food can sometimes turn into Haram just by telling a lie or coming short in responsibility”, Mahdavinia added.

Regarding pure nutrition as manners of food he added, “Eating pure food brings about good deeds and eating Haram food, on contrary, vitiates the human body and soul and makes him prone to committing sins.

The professor of seminary and university considered obliteration of blessing and abundance, refusal of prayers, and intensified incentive for doing sin as the outcomes of Haram food and said, “Other outcomes include hardheartedness, black-heartedness, and impenetrability to admonition, proved by this account from Ashura when Imam Hussein (A.S.) said: your bellies are filled with Haram and your hearts have been sealed; you will not admit the truth nor listen to it.”

In continuation of his speech, Mahdavinia recounted ‘equipment with piety’, ‘thankfulness to God’, and ‘doing good deeds’ as the precious outcomes of Halal and pure food.

It is notable that special program of ‘Tebb al-Masumin’ is held for pilgrims of the holy shrine in the Dar al-Hidayat portico of the holy shrine on Saturdays, from 17:30 to 19.

Source : AQR

“Velayat-e Faqih in Shia Jurisprudence” Discussed in Armenia

[dropcap]A [/dropcap]forum titled “Velayat-e Faqih (leadership of jurist) in Shia Jurisprudence and its role in Iranian Government” was held by the Iranian Studies Department of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Yerevan State University.

The program was attended by Professor Malikian, dean of the faculty, Veskanian, head of the department as well as a number of lecturers and students of the university.

Addressing the forum, Hojat-ol-Islam Hashemian, an Iranian scholar, elaborated on the concepts of “Velayat” (leadership) and “Faqih” (jurist).

He mentioned some verses of the Holy Quran about Prophet Joseph (AS) and noted that based on the verses “knowledge” and “trusteeship” are the two necessary characteristics of Vali-e Faqih.

Hashemian stressed that such a person can guide the human society towards salvation.

The scholar also clarified the concepts of confrontation, interaction and perfection and noted that today’s world is a world of interaction and the society will reach perfection as a result of interaction.

He concluded that according to Islam, one who is at the highest level of knowledge and moral virtues should take the leadership of the Islamic society.


Obama is a “Shiite Muslim” and his name reflects something

9a579afac2e609171a42f56094b08786[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n opinion column written by a Bahraini journalist about the US president Barack Obama turned into an opportunity to launch sarcastic comments and jokes on social media platforms.

Hisham Al-Zayani, a regular columnist in Al-Watan newspaper funded by the Bahraini Royal Court, wrote an article on Monday (April 6, 2015) in which he described Obama as a Shiite, referring to one of the Islamic sects.

His claims were based on a number of comments made by the Syrian opposition member, Mohyeldeen Al- Lazikani, during a televised interview with Al-Jazeera, as he said: “US President Barack Obama descends from a Kenyan Shiite family” and was born to “a Shiite father” “in Mombasa village whose residents are Shia.”

“It is not unlikely that his claims are true considering president Barack Hussein Obama’s decisions, and even his name reflects some of what Al-Lazikani said,” stated Al-Zayani, who quoted all the remarks made by Al-Lazikani in his article.

“To the leaders of the Gulf…Do you tell that to Obama?” he added, also clarifying his point: “I remembered just after Al-Lazikani’s interview that president Obama is the only US president who has mentioned Al-Wefaq is his addresses, which is a Shiite Bahraini group that became well-known because of its sectarian conduct and it also follows the concept of Wilayat al-Faqih.” according to him.

Tweeters and Bahraini activists seized this opportunity to launch a series of jokes.

The Bahraini sociologist, Lund University professor, Abdulhadi Khalaf, tweeted: “The unknown has been unveiled: US President Obama is a Shiite from a Kenyan village that embraced Shi’ism at the hands of the Ibadis.”
In another sarcastic tweet he posted on his Twitter account with an edited picture showing Obama holding a

loudspeaker amongst crowds, Khalaf said: “A young Obama leading a Husseini funeral procession in Mombasa,” signifying the mourning funeral processions that Shiites hold to express their grief over their Imams.
As for Jassim Morad, he posted: “The Arab spring is starting to bloom some geniuses. Hisham Al-Zayani endorses Al-Lazikani’s statement, who was the first one to discover that Obama is a Shiite and even says that his name signifies this (Barack Hussein Obama).”

Meanwhile, the tweeter “Shahid” posted: “There is no use anymore…Hisham Al-Zayani revealed the secret and found out that Obama is a Shiite.”

“Patriot”; however, tweeted: “This is utter stupidity! Hisham Al-Zayani’s Hallucinations: Obama has Shiite origins!”
Bahraini tweeters made fun of Al-Zayani’s article by posting sarcastic remarks and jokes, yet Al-Zayani himself was completely serious about his claim. He even used it as a threat too.

“Tell Obama that America’s conspiracies against Saudi Arabia and Gulf States are clear now and everyone knows about them,” he added. “We tell (Obama): Don’t you dare harm Saudi Arabia just one bit, for Saudi Arabia’s leader has the strongest and most dangerous weapon that could terrorize you, the Iranians and the Zionists, and that is the weapon of (declaring Jihad and Mobilization).”

“If that happened, all nations from Canada in the West to Indonesia in the East will march towards you. This is what you fear most.”

Al-Zayani is not joking. Believe him or await the “Declaration of Jihad and Mobilization” to be printed on the pages of the Al-Watan newspaper, the voice of those who have no voice in the Bahraini Royal Court!

Michigan Muslim man in a trip to enlighten on true image of Islam in 50 US states

e2cda8d030c20be40ba8c3f904d0c896 [dropcap]O[/dropcap]n a spiritually motivated journey, an American Muslim from Michigan is to visit 50 mosques in 50 states to perform the Adhan (call for prayer) with a special call to the nation’s Muslim community, amid soaring Islamophobia, according to media reports.

Jameel Syed is aiming to become the first person to perform the Adhan in all 50 U.S. states, using his voice across America to help educate the public about Islam, praise its Prophet (peace be upon him), and also honor the memory of his father.

The 35-day road trip will include occasional flights to reach states like Hawaii, and will end May 8 at the Rochester Hills mosque.

“Islamophobia is real, there is no question about it,” Syed told as he traveled from Mississippi to Florida.

“It’s one thing people in our community are really aware of. And the big message here is we have to go out there and meet and interact with people.

“Give them the opportunity to let them know who you are. That’s your best shot to dispel any myths, to breakdown any stereotypes, and to make a real dent into discrimination.”

After reciting the call to prayer at each mosque in 50 states, Syed will deliver the last sermon given by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), a talk that Syed said promoted gender equity, racial equality, trust, and peace.

“It is the most eloquent speech ever delivered in the history of humanity,” Syed told the worshipers. “I want for us to be able to hear those words and take it to our family members, take it to our co-workers, take it to our neighbors and live by them.”

According to the 40-year-old marketing executive and graduate of the University of Michigan, the initiative aims to showcase the beauty and diversity of Muslim communities across America.

Raising banner of Imam Hussein In northern Pakistan / Pics

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] large population of Skardu, a city located in northern Pakistan welcomed delegates from the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine which carried the official banner of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him).

Muslim Abbas Sekban, Head of the Holy Shrine delegation team stated that they were surprised by the enormous crowd that gathered around the city’s airport hours before the delegate’s arrival.

The crowd’s strong love and desire for Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him) left them with tears while chanting the name of their beloved Imam.

The Holy Shrine established an event as a part of the Cultural Week, where the banner of Imam Hussein was raised amongst the lovers of Ahlul-Bait.

Moreover, the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine Electronic Media Division got hold of a video which illustrates the welcoming of the delegates as well as the activities of the ceremony.