Music From The Islamic Point of View

Music-BrainQuestion: Why has Islam prohibited music, and what is the philosophy in prohibiting it?

Answer: Music has become so common that most people are not ready to think about music in its proper perspective (about the bad evil effect of the music) and follow ferociously this wrong way of thinking according to which whatever is in common practice is seen to be without blemish.

They are not ready to study the evil and pernicious effects of music. To the extent that the people who are realistic are not content to this condition also, and in spite of those things being common they always endeavor to understand the reality and are engaged in research.
Music from many viewpoints is worth investigation.

(1) It causes harm to the physics of human body and leaves a bad effect on the nervous system. Keeping these factors in mind a Professor of Columbia University, Dr. Wolf Adler says:
The best and most fascinating tunes of music leaves the worst kind of effects on the nervous system of humans and especially when the climate is hot; then the unpleasant effects are too much.

The famous French expert Dr. Lycus Carl says: “It is possible that the fulfillment of beastly lust might be having some importance, but there is nothing unfair than this that the life passes in fun.

The general deficiency of intelligence and understanding is the effect of alcohol and in the end it is the result of indiscipline in the habit. There is no doubt in it that films, radio, television are partner to the worrisome moment.

Generally music should be counted as something which has narcotic effect (which causes benumbing of sense), because, it’s benumbing cannot be denied by any means. There are many types of benumbing and a person can numb his nerves in different ways.

Sometimes numbness comes by food. For example alcoholic drinks create great numbness in the nerves and render ineffective the power of thinking and senses. Sometimes something is inhaled through the nose that creates numbness; for example heroine, which is absorbed in the body through the nostrils, which for a certain period of time makes one intoxicated and many such patients who require anesthesia by such matter, is injected into their veins.

Sometimes this numbness comes through the ears by listening to music and concert. This effect sometimes is so strong that it takes out the person out of reality like a dazed one. And his attention is withdrawn from everything.

Keeping this point in mind, you will agree that music is nothing but numbness and it is the bearer of all or most of the vices and damages of intoxication.

Mainly people get so much pleasure and entertainment from music because of this numbing effect. Sometimes this effect is so powerful that, a person loses his senses and brain to the extent that he starts behaving in a strange manner.

For example when the benumbing effect of music becomes severe a person’s power of making right decisions is curtailed. Then he cannot perceive correctly between good and bad, right and wrong, because most of the time he is under the effect of music and his mind, thoughts and strength of his senses, manners becomes prisoner of intoxication of the fierce tunes of the music. Hence he commits such uncultured actions, that in normal conditions doing such things he will think that it is against his status and contrary to human behavior.

We think that, this part of our conversations is not in need of any example or model, because every sensible person knows that, in those dinner parties where stranger males engaged in dances with unrelated stranger females, always they are consistent with loud keynotes of music, and the vibration of tunes of music puts curtain on the mind and understanding of the people in such a way that, for them doing every despicable act and all such acts which are below the dignity of humans, to perform them becomes so easy and simple for them.

What greater intoxication can be there other than this when the voice of music affects the mind of a person, a kind of indolence takes over his nerves? And that foolish person cannot think of anything from human imagination, except sex.

On his intelligence and on his power of comprehension a curtain is drawn in such a way that he forgets the sacred concepts of life like mercy, benevolence, kindness, chastity, modesty, trust, integrity, equality, brotherhood, greatness, eminence and magnificence, making efforts and hard work to fight for the attainment of the purpose and to be steadfast.

There is no second opinion that, right from day one, alcohol and music had been the greatest factors of encouraging sexual promiscuity for the lustful males and females and they on special occasions for intoxicating their nerves take help of these (i.e. alcohol and music).

It is correct that Islam never restrains man from his natural pleasures, but it prohibits those temporary and artificial entertainment created by intoxicating the nerves and arousing lustful desires and it takes away man from his natural condition.

Ethical limits of music

Is there is any doubt that among the factors of moral deterioration are these writings and the heart-rending tunes of music do not spread its wings for propagating of arguments contrary to chastity?

Do not the fascinating voice of women and girls along with musical tunes arouse lust; create fervor for lovemaking in the youths? And the heart, which is packed with lustful songs and amorous writings, does it have any for remembrance of Allah? Does that heart, which is drowned in the whirlpool of loving voices and vibrations of music, can think regarding the needy and the poor?

As a principle it should be seen that what are the ingredients and occasions of musical parties. And what are the demands of and different kinds of stimulations? In those gay dance and music parties is there anything else except sexual promiscuity, wine and tasty foods? And the thing, which causes these evil consequences, can be allowed by a heavenly law?

The conclusion is that musical tunes have pernicious effects with regard to numbing of the nerves. And from the ethical point of view also it arouses lustful desires in the human beings.

By way of protecting health also it is proved that, in our time, there are different factors and causes of increase in the number of unexpected and sudden deaths, one of which is the craze of music, because music creates excitement and excitement damages the balance of nervous system.

People who are day and night bombarded by songs and music are prone to heart failure and brain hemorrhage.

However much is not necessary to show that nerves very soon become unserviceable because of continuous excitement.
This was one side of the harms of music.

Philosophy of Islamic Laws:Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi, Ayatullah Jafar Subhani

The Psychological And Physical Dangers of Sexual Promiscuity

danger-41393_640(Psychological view of a physician)(Psychological view of a physician)

Question: Is masturbation harmful?

Answer: If some ignorant doctors and not so educated philosophers try to prove that masturbation unnecessarily shown as considered a taboo to young people. But majority of the letters received from patients related to this, and observations show that this is denying the obvious and a deception for youth.

Now we present an excerpt of a well-grounded scholarly treatise, adopted from the treatise of a famous expert of psychology (Dr. Shirazi), which is a clear reply to this question.

Youths face many complicated issues, out of which one is sex. As a matter of fact, at this stage of life, sexual desires assume a form, and after some enquiries the youth become aware that this is natural. And all kinds of sexual temptations and incitements blow fire of lust into the temperament of the youth.

In the bygone period under the influence of religious training, social system and etiquettes when youths were had sexual desires, they used to subdue them and control themselves. Very rarely they drew themselves near to sexual incitements.

But in the present world, the scenes on the streets and in homes, sexual propaganda, advertisements and nudity in magazines, newspapers, cinemas and films and entertaining stories on television (which continue in many episodes as soap opera for quite a long time) all this together act as an effective role model. As a result of which, the youth of this new world face too much of sexual arousal.

This is the stage when the youths learn from the luscious youths of their age or they have nocturnal discharge and since they get pleasure in this, they repeat the factors which give them this pleasure and this slowly leads to masturbation and creates a big problem in his life.

Some physicians and experts of psychology have the opinion that masturbation is a natural act. They consider it essentially for humans and animals. But they don’t keep this thing in mind that if this act is done repeatedly and the situation goes to such an extent that this act is performed several times a week what can be the proportion of loss to the youth with regard to his physical and psychological development. Unfortunately this habit grows to a great extent and since the tools of this are easily accessible the youth becomes habitual and it is very difficult for him to get out of this habit

The unfortunate results of this habit

Research conducted in the last few years, and specially this research and observation, which we have done with regard to two thousand youths, it is proved and universally admitted that the subject of masturbation should not be considered as an ordinary one. To explain this in detail it is necessary to mention about the sexual glands and organs (i.e. physiology).

A sign of adulthood is discharge of semen from the cells of the testicles. In every drop of semen there are millions of male eggs and a special sticky fluid comes out of the glands of scrotum and through the tube of the semen it reaches the sac of semen (sperm), which is at the back of the bladder.

The sack of semen gradually gets filled up and some part of semen gets absorbed in the body and helps in the development of limbs and is a stimulant to sexual desire but it is necessary that its bigger (more) quantity should get out and be useful in producing children.

Those youths, who are less fond of sexual excitements and act on religious beliefs and laws of healthy life, keep away from wrong arousals, when their sac of semen gets filled up. Generally semen comes out in nocturnal discharge and in this way the biological remains in the body are expelled. Therefore it is nothing to worry about.

But those youth whose factors of sexual incitements are too much and who pass their days in a form of deprivation consider masturbation as the only way to give respite to the mind. And since after every sexual incitement the person tries to find solace in masturbation, he repeats this act every time.

And when this act is being performed repeatedly and reaches several times a week, this psychological and physical (sexual) condition differs from the natural condition and his system of sexual balance is destroyed. The greatest sign of it is weakness in the sexual organ. Its elucidation is that:

When the fulfillment of sexual arousal is done in a natural way in the form of marriage the contemplation of sense of touch and by means of other senses, in the brain of the youth, the center of his sexual desires gets stirred up. And on the basis of the structure of human body, the effect, which is carried to the center of mind through eyes and sense of touch etc. creates sexual act, as a result the sexual act is performed in a natural way.

But masturbation is just the opposite and it is another way in which imagination and contemplation of some special scenes and to touch a part of the body takes the place of natural factors of sexual act. In this way it creates a wrong system of action in the orbit of sexual behavior.

When this act is repeated several times and this wrong action becomes strong in the youth, it causes him to fail in having sex in a natural way. Because the natural system of sex in him is already destroyed and because of this at the time of consummation of marriage he does not find himself fit.

This situation makes him very much terrified and embarrassed; because his repeated masturbation for temporary satisfaction has affected his personality and psychology.

No doubt, in such a situation because of that act which the youth performs with force (in repetition), which becomes the cause of his tension, embarrassment and fear and confusion, rather than relieving him from tension. However if he rejects this contemptible habit absolutely and guards his peace of mind and instead of that adopts some good habit he definitely would become eligible to be healthy and hearty.

The physical misery of those engaged in masturbation

One important point, which is worth attention here, is that as we have already discussed before, a part of semen is absorbed in the body and causes development of the youth. That becomes effective not only in the development of his physical strength, but has great effect in his advancement and progress.

When this matter is thrown out because of repeated masturbation, then other than creating defect in the complete strength formation of sexual organ it becomes the cause of thinness, weakness in personality, weakness in desire, reduction in strength, shyness and shortfall in the psychological strength.

It will be better that, to emphasize those two subjects we go through the declaration of those who engaged themselves in masturbation, and failed in their act after marriage or do not get pleasure in sexual intercourse with the wife or they are cool in the approach to their wives and are prey to weakness in sexuality.

A married youth has this to say:
“I love my wife to the extent of worshipping her, but I don’t get pleasure while having intercourse with her, and this pains me.”

A lady says:
“Three months have passed since my marriage, but I don’t understand why in the eyes of my husband I am just a log (of dried wood).”

A youthful man says:
Since I became balig (mature physically), I used to perform this shameful act repeatedly. After that I did not get success in intercourse with my wife, but when I am alone, just at the thought if it I get an erection (movement).

When two other youths were contacted, they said that because of doing this act repeatedly we are not in a position to do intercourse with our wives, and we are very ashamed because of this.

One more youth said:
“I married six months ago, but unfortunately, because of being in the habit of this (masturbation), I just could not succeed in my duty towards of wife (consummation of marriage)”

It is also necessary to discuss this point that those who remain aloof and like to live a secluded life, are more prone to get into this habit, therefore it is necessary that, the youth should refrain from remaining solitude without any reason and he should choose and select for himself good and believing friends and control or bring an end to this risk.

Weakness of personality and apprehension

Another loss that incurs to the youths because of this habit is this that, most of them after performing this act feel ashamed and remorseful and promise to their own self that they will not repeat it. But unfortunately when the things prompting them become readily available, they again do it.

Repeating this remorse every time and making intent repeatedly gives too much of pain to their soul. And it becomes the cause of the youth’s personality, weakens his determinations and he becomes victim of doubt and superstition etc.

In short, in the issues pertaining to sex, masturbation, by putting the system of psychological response of action on the wrong path creates disturbance in the sense of pleasure and feeling of strength and it result is apparent in the form of disgrace, inferiority complex and dispersion of personality, besides that, its effect can be on the development of youths. (Excerpts from Dr. Shirazi’s thesis)

Important Reminder

To avoid these dangers the youth should not unnecessarily become a prey to fear and dread, but he should fight this evil habit with all his might, determination and complete faith.

First of all they should try to remain away from the means of artificial arousal like pornography etc. They should cast off above things from their reach all together and make a firm determination that they will not go near those things.

After that, they should select good friends, avoid remaining alone in a room to the extent he should not sleep alone, select good and beneficial exercises and fill his leisure time in activities pertaining to health. He should never remain idle.

He should strictly refrain from people who are astray and promiscuous and he should inculcate some good habits and keep away from the bad habit.

They should never get deceived by poisonous writings of half trained quacks and foolish psychologists who try to justify and assure him about this contemptible act.

Philosophy of Islamic Laws:Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi, Ayatullah Jafar Subhani

Philosophy of Halalah

halalah(Woman remarrying first husband after being divorced by second one)

Question: The man who has divorced his wife three times if he wants to marry again with her, why it is necessary that the lady should marry another man first?

Answer: Following the Holy Qur’an, Muslim theologians are unanimous that if a person, under certain special conditions, divorces his wife thrice, he person can marry her again only after she marries some other man first. If that man gives divorces willingly then that woman and the first husband can marry for the fourth time and till this is not performed, the woman is unlawful to her first husband.

The logic behind this is apparent and by it Islam wishes that the number of divorces should come down and remedies this aspect that the parties concerned should not take divorce as a mere plaything. And whenever one wishes can get married and whenever one wishes can separate. Because:

(1)    When a man attempts to divorce the third time and he is aware that taking her for the fourth time will depend on this it is possible that he does not divorce at all, because to attempt or initiate divorce between man and woman is usually dependent on the hope of reconciliation and this hope becomes very little (less) on the third divorce, because nobody can force the other person to divorce and it is possible that both of them parties may become so much conducive that they may accommodate each other.

They may agree to continue the marriage, or by the least the other husband (first one) may not be ready to divorce. This fear proves very effective on many people and prevents them from divorcing the third time.

(2) In the fourth marriage, the dissolution of the marriage of third time being necessary and causes man to be envious or awakens his sense of honor so that, he gives up the idea of divorce. Because the sense of honor and special feeling of marital relation is negated by this act that one woman who has lived the life with him for a period of time, after divorce, goes in the possession of some other man, though it may be in a lawful way.

And by putting the question of dissolution Islam has tried to create the feeling of man for the benefit of women and that the marital relation continues. And with this correct and acceptable way has prevented the magnitude of divorces.

In the end this point also should be discussed that in certain cases marriage with another person causes great inclination from the first husband, because at times the second marriage is not harmonious to the wishes or desires of the woman.

And the comforts and convenience, which was available in the house of the first husband, is not accessible to her in the house of the second husband. In majority cases it also happens that, she finds the loving behavior of the first husband was much better. Keeping these events in mind and comparing the two husbands, she gets in herself a spiritual revolution and she now understands how valuable and priceless her precious life was.

However she decides with her heart, with regret and repentance, that if the situation reverses and if she again could marry with her previous husband, then as far as possible she will try to make the life pleasant and wholesome and she will keep away neglecting small things and with patience and stability she will end her non-harmonious way of life.

Philosophy of Islamic Laws:Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi, Ayatullah Jafar Subhani


CircumcisionQuestion: What is the philosophy of circumcision with reference to personal hygiene?

Answer: The answer to this question is absolutely clear, because:

(1)    Many people who are not circumcised have a lot of smegma in their foreskin and circumcision is the remedy to this problem.

(2)    Statistics show that those who are not circumcised are more prone to the Cancer of penis. However it should be kept in mind that, those infants who are circumcised very early the wound could remain on the tip of their penis if it is not attended to properly the urine tube becomes very narrow. So care should be taken that these children along with getting the benefit of this religious ritual, should not be subjected to agony and suffering which is possible due to negligence.

Philosophy of Islamic Laws:Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi, Ayatullah Jafar Subhani

Why The Animals Should Be Slaughtered In A Particular Way?

SlaughteredQuestion: In Islam, some rules and regulations are stipulated for slaughter of animals. For example, all the four veins in the neck should be cut and to sayBismillah etc. If these conditions are not fulfilled, meat of that animal is not fit for eating. Though many people in the world overlook these rules and use the meat of such animals and there is no harmful effect on them. Explain what is the purpose of these regulations?

Answer: It seems that by these regulations Islam wants to fulfill three purposes:

First is to get away from the traditions of idol-worshippers, who use to cut the throat of their animals by taking the name of the idol. That is why taking the name of Allah was considered to be essential part of this slaughter.

The main function of which is to destroy the thought of idol-worship and secondly to drain out blood from the animal so that it does not remain in the layers of meat, and should not be eaten along with the flesh.

Medical science of today has discovered so many harms in food containing blood. Other than this, blood is always contaminated with different kinds of germs. It is also proved by experience that food items having blood create such mentality and peculiarities in the humans, which are not preferable. Feebleness of sensitiveness, tyranny and hardheartedness is included in these.

The third purpose is that the animal should die as soon as possible and it should not suffer agony for a longer period. As this is against the spirituality, i.e. soul of humanity. This purpose is possible by cutting four veins of the throat of the animal.

This is the summary of the three purposes with regard to animal slaughter prescribed by Islam and that those purposes can be achieved by implementing these rules.

Philosophy of Islamic Laws:Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi, Ayatullah Jafar Subhani

The Reason of Strictness In Proving Certain Sins (Crimes)

Crime-PixQuestion: Why are four witnesses required to prove a sexual crime? Doesn’t this strictness cause increase in such crimes?

Also when a sane person confesses that which is detrimental to him, that admission with be efficacious that law that kind does not exist here. And if a person himself confesses to have committed adultery then for three times his confession is not accepted and is accepted only after he confesses the fourth time?

Answer: In principal, regarding sexual crimes the laws of Islam have special conditions in which many points are taken into consideration. On one hand there are very severe punishment prescribed for such kind of crimes, which start with lashes and exile and at times ends with capital punishment.

But on the other hand, it had been made difficult the way to prove this sin. For example to prove this sin, the number of witnesses required are double than those required in other types of crimes and any person confessing the crime once is not considered sufficient.

These two views getting reciprocally linked (i.e. the punishment to be severe and strictness in case of proving the sin) gives a special status to these penal laws. And in that way these laws prevent people from perpetrating this type of crime. These laws create psychological barrier in the followers and they keep away from performing such acts. But then too for all practical purposes these laws do not include many people in this punishment.

In other words the real purpose of these types of laws is to prevent people from perpetrating the sin but not to give them death penalty or to finish them off. This effect is created because of the punishment being so severe because the person who commits this sin always every moment has the scene of severe punishment in front of his eyes.

And thinks that as a result of some unexpected situation his sin would be proved. On the basis of this he gets frightened and terrified and this fear and apprehension prevents many people from committing such a sin.

Mostly it is seen that for committing a greater sin (e.g. to sell intoxicants and drugs) in special circumstances severe punishments such as death penalty are prescribed. Though these punishments are prescribed in some special situations. But the apprehension of has sufficient effect in the minds of the perpetrators of those sins.

The conclusion of this discussion is that these types of penalties are prescribed to effectively prevent crimes and sins and along with that it does not entangle too many people in its grip. As a result death penalty may be given to only one or a few persons, but it causes great effect in the minds of other potential criminals and this fear is enough that one day they might also get caught.

Philosophy of Islamic Laws:Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi, Ayatullah Jafar Subhani

Why The Holy Qur’an Cannot Be Given To Any Non-Muslim?

QuranQuestion: Our heavenly book, Qur’an is a spiritual guide and mentor to different kinds of people and human societies. To achieve this purpose it is essential that it should accessible to all the people of the world (irrespective of their faith), so that he can benefit from its teachings and move on the path of truth and sincerity. But we find in Islamic Jurisprudence that Qur’an cannot be given as a present to non-Muslims nor it can be given into his custody.

Answer: When the purpose of giving the Holy Qur’an in the possession of the non-Muslim is to guide him and make him aware of Islam and convey its message to him and make him attached to it, and if this purpose cannot be achieved by its translations, then in this situation there is no prohibition in giving the Holy Qur’an to a non-Muslim, but if no purpose is in view then it is prohibited, because the greatest witness of righteousness of Islam and everlasting miracle of the Prophet of Islam is the Holy Qur’an, which is shining on the peak of the times in the form of a living document and to get benefit from it there is one way that it should be printed in a nice way and should be distributed in the whole world, so that people seeking the truth, may acquire knowledge of Islam in the light of its verses. This itself is witness on the verses of Qur’an that this is put in front of the people of all times and everywhere in the world and invites mankind to ponder and study it.

The Holy Qur’an commands the Prophet (s.a.w.a.) that in the middle of war also if a non-Muslim tends to listen to the words of Allah (the Holy Qur’an) then it is a must for the Prophet that he permits him to come among the Muslims and listen to the words of Allah and if he tends to go back, he should be allowed to go to his former position.1

To the extent it is necessary for every Muslim that he protects the honor of the Holy Qur’an, and whenever there is apprehension that a non-Muslim may act or do something regarding the Holy Qur’an, which can be termed as insulting, in such a situation we should not give him the Book of Allah.

And if he had the Book with him beforehand, then by whatever possible means it should be recovered from him. When Muslim Jurists say that Qur’an cannot be entrusted to non-Muslim their opinion is based apparently on this kind of situation and not in the situation when guidance of a non-Muslim is intended.

In short the Holy Qur’an should remain away from the reach of polluted hands, with this exception when there is likelihood of their guidance it can be presented to them.

  • 1. Surah Tawbahh 9:6

Philosophy of Islamic Laws:Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi, Ayatullah Jafar Subhani

Why It Is Forbidden To Read The Deviated Books?

When Islam is the religion of knowledge why does it forbid reading deviated books?

Answer: Without any doubt Islam is the religion of learning and knowledge and it encourages people to acquire and spread knowledge. The progress of a person or society depends upon acquisition of knowledge but side by side Islam pays attention to the basic point that just as there are dangerous factors of materialism in society e.g. to protect from it, it is necessary; in the same way to protect the mind and spirit from factors of going astray is also necessary.

In today’s culture people are free, to accept any belief or view with the only condition that it should not be against the material principles of the society. This is not so in Islam. Islam wants that such a society, which comes into existence, should progress spiritually and ethically. This aim will not be realized unless and until it fights against the factors against ethics and spirituality, and that it should not have effects on the lives of the people.

By paying attention to this basic point, we come to know that those books which are strayed and which spoil right thinking, faith and healthy ethics have been banned. If all the people are given the freedom to read these types of books what is the guarantee that their thinking and ethics would be safe?

We should not underestimate propaganda and the power of propagation. There are many youths who after reading strayed books, and novels based on love, sex and crime have fallen in the pit of bad manners and unethical practices.

That is why Islam has not permitted publishing of strayed books freely so that all can read them. Although Islam encourages knowledge and its acquisition, it has not forbidden those people who have the ability to differentiate between right and wrong with the help of their powerful intelligence.

Islam has not banned the learned people from reading these books but it is wajib for the scholarly and learned people so that they can understand the logic of those people and then refute them. By acquainting themselves with the ways of propagation and logic of the enemies and they can find appropriate ways to rebut them.

There were many discussions in the history of Islam between the religious leaders and followers of other faiths. The author of Ihtejaj Tabarsi1 and many other authors have collected such types of discussions in books. This is itself an example that Islam has not banned the strayed books for the learned people and has not opposed knowledge. The religious leaders have always answered this type of faith not by killing those who follow that faith but by logic and free discussion.

  • 1. Ahmad ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib’s writing who died approximately in 550 Hijri. This book was published many times and shows one aspect of knowledge of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.).

Philosophy of Islamic Laws:Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi, Ayatullah Jafar Subhani

Why Is The Meat of Sacrifice Wasted?

questionQuestion: What is the purpose of Sacrifice in Mina, whereas much of the sacrificial meat is are not used properly and has to be buried?

Answer: As we know, on the 10th of Zilhajj in the rituals of Hajj it is obligatory to slaughter an animal in Mina. This is one of the duties to be performed and one of its aims is that it reminds us of the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.).

The incident of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.), the friend of Allah is that for the perfection of Ibrahim’s soul and to prove his sacrifice and show his position Allah commanded him to sacrifice his dear son in an extraordinary way on the land of Mina.

Without any doubt this was an examination and its purpose was to prove the capability of this man. Ibrahim (a.s.) carried out the order and later thinking that he has slaughtered his son, when he removed the blindfold he saw a slaughtered sheep in the place of Ismail (a.s.).

The obedience of Hazrat Ibrahim proved spirit of sincerity. Obedience, courage and the spirit of sacrifice was so strong and powerful in Hazrat Ibrahim that he was able to control his fatherly love and emotions.

The pilgrims of the House of Allah by sacrificing an animal commemorate Hazrat Ibrahim’s sincerity and strong faith and his sacrifice enlightens the hearts; and in this way gives us the lesson of sacrifice and practically says that those who sacrifice everything in the way of Allah are the godly people, as that elderly person did, this is one of the secrets of sacrifice on the day of Eid.

Now we will see what is the view of Islam on the meat of sacrifice. Is there any responsibility of the Muslims on this issue?

To answer this question we will see what Qur’an is says about it and whether it also applies to all the Muslims who sacrifice animals on the day of Eid in Mina:

Then eat of them (sacrificed animals) and feed the distressed one, the needy.”1

And also says:

Eat of them and feed the poor man who is contented and the beggar”2

It is a verdict in Practical Laws that pilgrims of the house of Allah should divide the meat into three parts: one part should be used personally, one part be given to the Mo-mineens and one to the needy.

It is clear from these orders that the purpose of the sacrifice is not only spiritual benefits but also that it should be used in such a way that it is not wasted.

Now it is the duty of Muslim pilgrims and the Islamic government that they should make such arrangements that this meat is not wasted. In the present time such refrigeration should be provided to protect the meat from being buried in the ground and slowly should be utilized for food purpose as the holy Qur’an has said.

In the past when the number of Hajis were not so many, the meat of sacrifice was properly used. As due to convenient transport, number of Hajis has increased, that is why with the help of modern amenities, the meat should be protected from wastage and the welfare of the Hajis, and the Islamic purpose should be kept in mind and that is the duty of the Islamic governments and Muslim intellectuals that they should give Islam a practical appearance and should stop all kind of wastage and if any problem arises, then it is not the deficiency of divine law. The fault lies with the Muslims.3

  • 1. Surah Hajj 22:28
  • 2. Surah Hajj 22:36
  • 3. Note: Alhamdulillah, now this sacrificial meat is being distributed among the needy people. As nowadays this meat is sent directly from Mecca to Afghan refugees. (Publisher)

Philosophy of Islamic Laws:Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi, Ayatullah Jafar Subhani

The Dress of Ihram

ihram-man-womenQuestion: Why it is necessary that the cloth of the Ihram should be such that is not worn usually and should be unstitched?

Answer: Hajj is a social worship, which should be performed with complete independence. To keep this purpose in mind during Hajj wearing of a two piece of cloth’s is enough, and prohibition of wearing casuals and formal dresses is there because they are distinguishing and create differences and sometimes are signs of pride and show-off and thus this desire of the human beings has come out practically, that one day the human beings will have to remove all the factors of pride and show off.

In other words Hajj in the eyes of Allah is the best way of showing that human beings are equal and thus it is necessary to remain aloof from all the formal and casual clothes, due to which differences arise and they should wear a two piece cloths and all people should look alike in this grand ritual.

Philosophy of Islamic Laws:Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi, Ayatullah Jafar Subhani