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What are the signs of weakness of true faith?

They are many signs of weakness of true faith. Some of them can be felt by the person himself in his heart (inner signs), and others can be seen on his behavior (outer signs). The inner signs include: 1. Less remembering Allah in heart before doing things or talking. 2. Less remembering the Aakhirah(the Hereafter) and the result of our deeds. 3. Less remembering death, grave, Barzakh, Paradise and Hellfire ... Read More »

Is, according to Islam, religion separate from politics?

First of all we had better clarify the meaning of “politics” so that its relationship with religion may become clear. There are two interpretations for the word “politics”: 1. Sometimes, politics is interpreted as “trickery, ruse, and the use of every possible means to reach a particular objective”. In other words, the end justifies the means. In fact, this interpretation of politics, apart from its being inconsistent with the real ... Read More »

Is religion compatible with politics?

A religion that has come in order to explain the path to felicity from now until the end of time cannot remain indifferent to a matter that all societies need, that is, government. In other words, the rules and regulations of Islam are such that they depend on a government and without which Islam cannot remain alive. Imam ‘Ali b. Musa al-Rida (a.s) has said the following in one of ... Read More »

Why should religion interfere in politics?

The theory of the separation of religion from politics is a viewpoint that supports marginalizing religion from different fields of human life. According to this viewpoint, man is able to discover the true rules to culture, politics, judgment, economy, commerce, manners, social relationships, etc., and legislate them with the help of science and knowledge, and does not need religion to intervene in his life. Roots of the prevalence of this ... Read More »

What is the wisdom behind creation?

Allah is a transcendental entity and possesses all excellences. At the same time, creation is a means of grace and Allah is graceful. His unlimited grace calls for him to create whatever has the potential to be created. Therefore, Allah created because he was graceful, meaning that the reason behind creation lies in his grace and mercy. Moreover, knowing that Allah’s attributes of essence are in oneness with his entity, ... Read More »

How does the general conscience of human beings deny predestination?

Even if philosophers and divine scholars give different reasons for free will of the human being, here we will take a short cut and give the clearest reason given by the supporters of free will and this is the ‘universal’ or ‘collective’ conscience of human beings. That is, no matter what we deny, we cannot deny this reality that in all human societies, including both the worshippers of God and ... Read More »

What is the reason behind God creating man and generally the whole world? Is He in need of creating?

God Almighty is a never-ending entity possessing all forms of perfection and creating is His grace. Since Allah (swt) is the All-Graceful, granting everything and anything possible, his being graceful calls for him to create all things that can and deserve to be created. So, Allah (swt) creates because He is the All-Graceful. In other words, the reason behind the creation of everything lies in Him being the All-Graceful and ... Read More »

From the beginning of Prophet Adam’s life till this day about 5,764 years have passed. The oldest human fossil that has been found up to today is from 25 million years ago!

There is no inconsistence between these two. If we have heard that Prophet Adam has been created six to seven thousand years ago, this might refer to a different and new generation of human beings which started with Prophet Adam (A.S.) and might have been preceded by numbers of generations of human beings who have gone extinct. There is a lot of evidence in hand that suggests a whole different ... Read More »

Were ancient cavemen also descendants of Prophet Adam (pbuh)?

Adopting caves as homes by the descendants of Prophet Adam (pbuh) is something the Quran confirms.  Yet, since there is substantial evidence that there have also been people before him and we are sure there have been ancient people who have lived in caves, it is up to different clues, their remains and the drawings and writings they have left behind to exactly determine in what era they lived in. ... Read More »