The Voice of Human Justice – eBook


Publisher’s Note:
Much has been written and continues to be written about the life, character and attributes of Imam Ali. The present book is an English translation of Sautu’l `Adalati’l Insaniyab, the biography of the Imam, written in Arabic by George Jordac, a renowned Christian author of lebanon. It has gained much popularity in the Arab and the Muslim world. Many Muslim and non-Muslim scholars have paid it glowing tributes. The author is an enlightened man of letters and has written the book with perfect sincerity. However, at times, he has said things which do not accord with the facts of history. In such cases necessary clarification has been made in the foot-notes and at places some paragraphs have been deleted altogether. Keeping in view the usefulness and popularity of the Arabic version of this book, the Islamic Seminary is presenting the English version for the English knowing readers. It is hoped that this book will enlighten the mind of our conscientious young generation and will inspire it to form an Islamic social order.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”340px” ]Name: The Voice of Human Justice
Author: George Jordac
Translated By: M Fazel Haq[/box]

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