The Top Recommended Food in Islam(4)


According to Imam Ja’far-e-Sadiq (a.s.), sattu (a blend of cereal powder or flour) was made with reference to a revelation from God. It increases weight, strengthens bones and is the food of Prophets. Dry sattu cleans and diminishes white spots and when had with olive oil, increases weight, strengthens bones, and freshens complexion and increases sexual strength; and if three tablespoons of sattu are taken in the morning, then it cures phlegm and cholera (i.e. Balgham and Safra).

Another tradition states that sattu diminishes thirst and cures all troubles of stomach and nausea. Cleans it and cures seventy other diseases including high blood pressure.

It is stated from Imam Mohammed Taqi (a.s.) that if a woman takes sattu, it will stop the flow of blood which exceeds the specified period of menstruation.