The Top Six Healthy Nutritional Habits in Islam(3)

The-Top-Six-Healthy-Nutritional-Habits-in-IslamRemembrance of Allah (SWT) is Prescribed Before, During, and After Eating
In the Invocation of Kumayl, Ali (AS) remarks:

O’ He! Whose name is a remedy. Remembering Allah (SWT) and reciting several small invocations before eating have been greatly endorsed in Islam and other religions, and Muslims are supposed to perform this small act of worship before meals. Scientists have only now proven the benefits of deep breathing and relaxation (a state produced when invoking Allah (SWT) in prayer) before, during, and after meals. This practice has been well researched to increase nutrient absorption and allows the body to introduce the correct and healthy enzymes to break down the foods. True, blessings, prayer or silent contemplation before eating will improve digestion, assimilation and well being on all levels. The free flowing fields of energy and favorable info-energy released during these small episodes of prayer will undoubtedly affect the rate of absorption and elimination.

It is reported that besides washing hands, Muqaddas Ardabeli (one of the great Islamic Jurist) always performed ablution before eating. The powerful and positive effects of ablution on one’s energy fields has been noted, increasing the assimilation and productivity of the food at the physical and energy level.