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The Result of Imams Uprising

Imam Husayn’s uprising and the uprising of the Apocalypse savior also share the same essence and purpose. Certainly a bloody movement such as the Ashura movement and Imam Husayn’s reception of all its related bitter incidents and acceptance of his own martyrdom, and killing of friends and children, and the captivity of his women and children can not be a simple matter. One should be certain that noble Imam and his high-ranking companions sought an important goal that was to sacrifice their lives and property, and to accept any kind of hardship to achieve this great goal.

A goal higher than the life of a lifetime

This goal can be considered as confronting oppression and injustice that has targeted the eternal bliss of mankind and its end is to despise humanity.
Yes; where the Creator›s purpose in creating mankind is compromised and the danger of the spreading of oppression and disbelief in the world is felt, the giving away of life and property is a great and valuable work.
Therefore, it is clear that the main objective of Imam Husayn’s uprising was the revival of divine humanity and the struggle against the heresies and defamation and reaction of the Umayyad rule, and in that way a great success was achieved by Imam Husayn.
Although Imam Husayn and his loyal companions were martyred, they awakened asleep human thoughts and shook the organs of the ruling government.

«enjoining the right and forbidding evil and to reform the affairs of society»

The narrations about the Savior’s uprising also indicate that Imam Husayn will restore the divine tradition again. Just as Imam Husayn (pbuh) called his movement «enjoining the right and forbidding evil and to reform the affairs of society» and repeatedly reminded us of this great task in his words, the Savior’s uprising also led to the establishment of pure human traditions on earth.
It will rise while the chaos in the world will increase and the riots will spread, and the land will be filled with oppression and violence. Imam Saadiq (pbuh) says:
« At the end of the day, more than one hundred types of moral, social, and religious, and cultural deviations and sin can be found in societies, such as bribery, gambling, wine drinking, excessive adultery, and so on». Abundance of these corruptions and sins among people is, in fact, a kind of widespread oppression on earth.

right and wrong groups

Each of the right and wrong groups will reach the end of their path. The wicked and the wrongdoers are at the very least in a state of evil, and they all see the fire of their evil deeds.
When the righteous are under oppression and injustice and all the ways of remedy are closed to them, the final apocalypse savior will come and will make the world full of justice and equality.
Imam Ali (pbuh) describes the status of the promised Savior as such: « When others prefer worldly lust and desire to guidance, he will return bodily desires to guidance … He will show people how to treat like good deeds of righteousness, and will revive the forgotten teachings of the Quran and the family of the Prophet».
That who is the promised savior, there are different opinions among different religions. But from the Shiite point of view, the promised Savior is Imam Mahdi (pbuh), who is from the descendants of Imam Husayn (pbuh) and is the 12th Imam of the Shiites.
The Quran and the infallible Imams (pbut) have promised humanity for his advent and the companionship of Jesus (pbuh) with him, and everyone is waiting for him to come.