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The Chants of Imam Husayn (pbuh) with God

chants • O God! To whom will you entrust me, to a relative who tries to break his love attachment with, or to a stranger who treats me with anger, or to those who humiliate me, while you are my God and my destiny is in your hands!
• O God! who My gratitude is so small to him, but he does not deprive me of his blessings, and my sins are numerous before him; but he does not disgrace me, he constantly sees me committing sins, but he never drives me away from his kingdom!
• O God! Who, in my childhood, protected me from mishaps and you made provisions to care for me when I was old, and you did not leave me without livelihood.
• O God! Your graces and blessings to me are uncountable, and I do not have the power and strength of being thankful for them.
• O God! You treat me with goodness, and I answer you with ugly and sinful acts.
• O God! You saved me with the blessing of faith in you, before I know how to thank your blessings.
• O God! I confess to my mistakes, so forgive me! I am guilty, I am the one who made the mistake. I did things because of ignorance. It was me who hurried to sin, I did wrong things, and I trusted in other than you, and I am the one who, while aware and knowing the sin, Ive done it, I promised you to become free of sins, I did not fulfill my promises, I’vm the one who broke his promise with you, I’m the one who confesses to his crimes.
• O He Who is not injured by the sins of His servants, and Who can surely do without their obedience, and Who inspires those of them to do good, out of His aid and mercy.
• O God! When you commanded me and ordered me, I rebelled and did not obey you, and when you forbade me from doing bad things, I did what you did not want. It’s me now who has no reason for his wrongdoing that gives me the power to ask for help. Now, with which part of my body do I stand in front of you? With my ear or with my eyes or with my tongue or legs? Are not all the parts of my body the bounties you gave me and I disobeyed you with all of them and did sins?
• My God! I ask you for something that if you give it to me, nothing else will harm me, and if you deprive me of that request, anything else that you grant me is no good for me: O God! “I want You to liberate me from the fire of hell!»
• O my God! I m needy despite my richness; so how can I not be needy in my neediness.
• My God! How close you are to me and I’m far from you! And how kind you are to me. So what has placed a veil between me and you?
• O My God! Through the variety of signs and changes of phases, I found that your desire for me is to manifest yourself to me in everything, so that I do not neglect anything about you.
• O God! Whenever my sins silenced me, your generosity opened my tongue, and whenever my bad traits discouraged me, your endless kindness made me greedy!
• O my God, as for he whose good deeds are wrongdoings; how can his wrongdoings not be wrongdoings?
• O my God, my hesitation in (following) Your traces will result in unlikely visitation; so, (please) join me to You through a service that takes me to You.
• How can You be figured out through that whose existence relies on You? Can any thing other than You hold a (kind of) manifestation that You lack and thus it may act as an appearance for You?
• When have You ever been absent so that You may need something to point to You? When have You ever been far-off so that traces may lead to You?
• Blind be the eye that does not see you as his guard! And how harmful are the deeds of a servant who does not benefit from your love!
• I ask you for your meeting and I will testify to your existence with the help of your honorable existence. Help me with your light and guide to your clean essence.

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• O God! Liberate me from the burden of my soul’s abjection and before the time of my death, deliver me from the contamination of doubt. I seek your help, help me. I trust in you, do not leave me alone. I call your name, do not disappoint me. I am eager to see you, do not deprive me. Only to Your side do I resort; so, do not set me aside. At Your door only do I stand; so, do not drive me away.
• It is You Who has shone the lights of his beauty unto the hearts of his lovers, so that they got to know You and believed in your unity.
• You have removed love for anything other than yourself, so that they would not be friends with anything except you, and when the world is frightening them, you are their companion.
• What can one who misses You find? What can one who finds You miss?
• Definitely, failing is he who has accepted anyone other than You as substitute. Definitely, loser is he who have desired for anyone other than You.
• How can I have hope to anyone other than you, while you have not broken the course of your goodness, and how I need to seek help from anyone other than you, while you have not changed your habit of generosity!
• O He Who has made His lovers the sweet taste of entertainment; therefore, they have stood up before Him flattering Him!
• You remember your servants before others remember them and you initiate any forgiveness before worshipers approach you for help, and you are gracious and forgiving, before believers ask you.
• O my God, verily, my hope for You does not cease despite that I may disobey You. Similarly, my fear from You does not leave me even if I obey You.
•O my God, how can I fail while You are my hope? How can I be humiliated whilst I depend upon You?
•O God! How do I not wear a cloak of poverty, while placing me in the place of the poor? And how do I call myself a poor human, while you have made me rich with your generosity?

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