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Terrorism and increasing Sectarianism in the Islamic world

Unfortunately there are many terrorist groups in some of the Islamic countries who kill the followers of different Islamic sects in order to increase sectarianism and denominational tensions in the Islamic world. But it is clear that any sort of denominational tensions in the region is absolutely dangerous for all the people of the region and that is why we must be aware of the consequences of the presence of terrorist groups in the Islamic countries.

During the recent years the military presence of the western powers in Iraq and Afghanistan has only served to raise denominational and racial tensions between different religious sects and ethnic groups. It is due to the strategy of the terrorist groups, backed by the non-Islamic powers in the region, that they have killed thousands of innocent followers of different religions and Islamic sects in the Islamic countries Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan since 2010.

For instance, last year On February 23, masked gunmen kidnapped 30 Shia Muslims in the southern province of Zabul as they were traveling on two buses in central Afghanistan. On April 6, Afghan authorities recovered the dead bodies of some of the hostages in the southern province of Zabul. [1] In another incident, 17 Hazaras beheaded by Taliban in Gizab, Afghanistan on July 7, 2014. [2] Terrorists have decapitated five Shia Muslims belonging to the Hazara ethnic group in the southeastern Afghan province of Ghazni on April 17, 2015. [3] |

Fortunately the Shiite and Sunni scholars tried their best to decrease the tensions, but, despite this the ISIL and other Takfiri terrorist groups are willing to destabilize the whole region. Muslims must understand that the terrorist militants are paving the ground for military presence of the non-Islamic powers in the region. No one can deny that Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan have witnessed years of instability in the presence of foreign troops, while, before the military appearance of the US as well as its western allies in the Islamic territory, they were stable and secure countries.

Finally, it must be noticed that the western military presence in the Islamic territory and intervention in the affairs of the Islamic countries caused instability, civil war, poverty and backwardness; as a result, the Islamic world is now full of conflicts. Based on the mentioned facts all Muslims must know that what the role and mission of the terrorist groups is in the Islamic countries and how important it is to resist against them as well as arrogant powers in the region.

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