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Seminar on Ar’baeen Symbolic Trek held in Bauchi, Nigeria / Pics

Ahlul Bayt News Agency –  Seminar on Ar’abeen Symbolic trek took place in Buachi on Sunday 15th November 2015 equivalent to 3rd Safar 1437H. The event was designed to capture the security measures and good conduct during the up coming Symbolic Trek. Various lectures were presented at the occasion by different scholars on various topics such as, Good Morals, Brotherhood, Observing rules during the trek, Video show of the last ... Read More »

Iranian scholar: Paris attacks possibly a new 9/11

Ahlul Bayt News Agency – Hujjat al-Islam Mohammad-Taqi Rahbar referred to the deadly terrorist attacks which occurred in Paris on Friday night, stressing that we, as Muslims and free people, reject and condemn all acts of terrorism and crimes that occur anywhere in the world. The temporary Friday prayer leader of Esfahan added that it is possible that a number of deceived people sought to launch a terrorist attack in ... Read More »

US offers $5 million reward for ISIL ‘gatekeeper’

Al-Jarba, 35, is described as a key member of Isil’s immigration and logistics committee. He arranges for Isil recruits to cross into Syria via the Turkish border town of Gaziantep, and to get back into Europe once they are ready to carry out terrorist attacks. On September 29 al-Jarba was placed on the UN Security Sanctions List, imposing a travel ban, asset freeze and arms embargo on him. His details ... Read More »

ISIL Releases Video Threatening to Blow up White House

Terrorists of the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) takfiri group released a video on Thursday threatening the White House with suicide bombings and car blasts and vowing to conduct more attacks on France. The six-minute video released by ISIL applauded last week’s Paris attacks, and comes one day after the militant group put out a video showing scenes of New York City, which suggested it was ... Read More »

Iran, Iraq to increase cooperation on eve of Arbaeen

Iran’s Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said on Thursday that Tehran and Baghdad would increase cooperation to provide necessary services for the pilgrims heading to Iraq on the occasion of the Arbaeen mourning ceremony. The minister said talks have been held between Iranian and Iraqi officials on improving the quality of services for the Arbaeen mourners. The Arbaeen mourning ceremony is one of the largest religious gatherings in the world. ... Read More »

ISIL Created to Confront Islam, Muslims: Tehran Friday Prayers Leader

Addressing a large and fervent congregation of the people on Tehran University campus on Friday, Ayatollah Khatami said, “The ISIL and other Takfiri groups have been created to fight Islam; these heinous phenomena were created when the Islamic awakening was underway in Muslim countries.” He reiterated that the Takfiri terrorist groups, including the ISIL, have not even said a word against Israel, and even Israel accepts and treats their wounded ... Read More »

Iraq forces discover booby-trapped dolls ahead of Arba’een

A security source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Arabic-language al-Forat news agency on Thursday that the government forces discovered 18 toys laden with explosives on the road, just ahead of the Shia Muslim rituals of Arba’een, one of which is taking the road to the shrine of Imam Hussein (PBUH) on foot. Arba’een, which in Arabic means forty, falls on December 3 this year and marks 40 days after ... Read More »

Paris attack survivor speaks of compassion not hate

Shafaqna conducted a very special interview this week as we talked to Claire Santana, a young French woman who, on November 13, witnessed first hand the terror preached by the Wahhabi clergy. Rather than burden Claire with our questions, and risk to force to relive those moments she might chose to not speak of at the moment, we simply requested that she tells her story the way she wants it ... Read More »

Two ISIS terrorists die in police attack on suspected Paris attack mastermind

The shootout occurred in Saint-Denis on Wednesday in an operation by special police forces trying to catch a suspect from the Friday attacks in the city, which killed over 130 people. The suspects were holed up in an apartment in the neighborhood. Police blocked off the area around Place Jean Jaures in Saint-Denis and ambulances arrived at the scene. Terrorists with the Takfiri group of Daesh staged bombings and shootings ... Read More »