A Survey into the Lives of the Infallible Imams – eBook


This text provides a good analysis of the lives of the Infallible Imams while presenting the different methods, struggles, and circumstances of each Imam and how they may have acted similarly or differently. However they have all acted as Allah (SWT) desired of them and that if each of the Imam were in the same position as the other Imams, they would’ve behaved similarly.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”420px” ]Name: A Survey into the Lives of the Infallible Imams
Author Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari
Translated by: Zainab Muhammadi ‘Araqi[/box]

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History of Shi’ism – eBook


This text discusses how Shi’ism has been an integral and inseparable part of Islam from the time of the Holy Prophet (sa). The text provides several resources to show how Shi’ism began with the companions of the Holy Prophet (sa) and how its legacy still stands.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”400px” ]Name: History of Shi’ism: From the  Advent of
Islam up to the End of Minor Occultation
Author: Ghulam-Husayn Muharrami
Translated by: Mansoor L. Limba[/box]

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Brief History of Fourteen Infallibles – eBook


[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”460px” ]Name: Brief History of Fourteen Infallibles
Publisher: World Organization for Islamic Services[/box]

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Society and History – eBook


This text authored by Martyr Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari serves to present the Islamic approach to society and history. The author combined these two areas of study as the discussion of the problems that deal with society and history are closely related and this analysis reveals Islam’s profoundness in dealing with various issues.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”370px” ]Name: Society and History
Author: Martyr Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari[/box]

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