How to Control our Anger?

angerNone of us is free from the vice of anger but the true test is that can we control it or not?! As the world around us has become more chaotic and frustrating, anger has also increased. The tiniest of things make us angry…be it on the road, talking to an annoying/irritating person, in the market, at the office and even at home. Let’s look at what Islam has to say about it.

Holy Quran says:… (The believers) are hard against the unbelievers and merciful among themselves… (48:29)

The Messenger of Allah [s] also said in response to  a man’s request for advice: “Do not be angry”. The man repeated the same question and (the Prophet) again said: “Do not be angry,” and continued: “He is not strong and powerful who throws people down but he is strong who withholds himself from anger.”

Imam Ali also said: “Protect yourself from anger for its beginning is insanity and its end is remorse.”

Now the question arises what to do when one gets angry. Let’s look at some traditions and recommendations:

  1. Say ` Aozo Billah-e-Menash Shaitanir Rajim;
  2. Change your position or place when you become angry and excited by sitting if you are standing, standing if you are sitting;
  3. Leave the place for another open place and breath as deeply as possible while raising and lowering the hands slowly;
  4. Do ‘Wazu’ and wash your hands and face;
  5. Drink water and eat a little dried grapes;
  6. If you are angry with any relative, touch your his body. This will pacify your anger;
  7.  Think of the greatness of Allah and His ability to punish criminals and of His patience and forgiveness if they repent and do good;
  8. If you can drive out your anger from yourself through a shout or some tears shed in private, it would be better for you;
  9. Look forward to the reward of Allah and think of the good end that Allah has promised the patient;
  10. Impartially study the problem that has caused you to become angry, and even if the cause isn’t yours, confess your mistake and turn back to your reason.