Southern California Muslim women hand out hundreds of roses to promote peace and unity / Photos

The Muslim Women Network of Southern California handed out free roses over the weekend to promote peace, unity, diversity and freedom.


Fatemeh Nassirian, right, president of the Muslim Women Network of Southern California, hands out a free rose at the Irvine Spectrum.

The group planned to hand out 1,500 roses at the Irvine Spectrum, Downtown Disney and the Beverly Center in Los Angeles.

Besides distributing roses, the Muslim women planned to spread messages of Islam, including from the prophet Muhammad: “Feed the hungry and visit the sick, and free the captive if he is unjustly confined. Assist any person oppressed, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. ”

“There are too many misconceptions about Islam. Unfortunately usually the media doesn’t display the life of real Muslims. They mostly talk about the people that hijacked name of Islam, and everything they do is against true teachings of Islam.
Those terrorists not only kill non-Muslims but their main targets are real Muslims,” said Shalizeh Aftabi, an organizer of the event. “For example a while ago in Iraq in just one day ISIS killed almost 1,700 young Shi’a Muslims.”

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Source : ABNA