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Precious statements by Imam Husayn (pbuh) on the day of Ashura

Imam Husayn’s Precious Statements during the Event Of Karbala About The Goals Of His Uprising

1. Hazrat Seyyed Al-Shohada (pbuh) said in answer to the one who was asking him to swear allegiance to Yazid: “No! I swear by Allah! I will not be submissive like a contemptible man! And I do not shoulder your oppression like slaves!”

2. Allah does not like us to be in humiliation and degradation, and the Messenger of Allah and the believers don’t like it, and the virtuous ones we were raised in their presence, and the honorable minds, and the enduring souls will by no means go under the brunt of oppression, they do not like us to prefer the obedience of the hateful and evil humans to the punishment of the honorable ones!

3. If there is no religion for you, and your mindset is such that you are not afraid of Resurrection too; then (at least) be a free man in the worldly life!

The Christian who was martyred for Imam Hussain in Karbala

4. O servants of God! Fear God and beware of the fleeting world that if the whole world were to be given to one person or a person were to stay in this world forever, the Prophets were worthier to stay, and seeking their pleasure would be better, and such a judgment would be more pleasing to them.
5. Death is better than accepting disgrace, and acceptance of disgrace is better than acceptance of the fire (of God’s fury).
Select Sentences of Imam Husayn (pbuh) On the Way from Medina to Karbala

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1. I am not leaving Medina because of selfishness or pleasure, and not for corruption and oppression, but only for the purpose of reforming the Ummah of my ancestor (the Prophet Muhammad pbuh), and I do so to practice enjoining good and forbidding wrong.

2. May there be no salvation for the people who preferred people’s satisfaction to God’s anger.

3. The Imam and the leader of the Muslims is the one who acts upon the Book of Allah, and follows the path of justice, and follows the right, and obeys God’s command with all his being.

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