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Introduction of the Rulers of Imam’s Era

Mu’awiyah Ibn Abi Sufyan and his son Yazid are the notorious and perverted figures of Islamic history. Mu’awiyah was the first person to change the simple lifestyles of Islamic rulers. In his twenty years of rule over Sham (today’s Syria), in addition to his royal life, he created his own despotism, and caused many religious and moral deviations in the Islamic society. Mu’awiyah, contrary to the will of the Prophet Muhammad who wanted to maintain the unity of the Ummah of Islam and follow the family of the Prophet (pbut), he stood against Imam Ali (pbuh) and Imam Hasan (pbuh) and entered war and committed many crimes in this regard.

As an example, in an invasion against the legitimate government of Imam Ali (pbuh), he subsequently sent small units to the corners of the land under the rule of Imam and officially ordered to kill the people! Burn them! Loot them! And take them as captive! And ruin the cities. The order of Mu’awiyah did not have anything except death, destruction, fear and terror for people. In one of the brutal raids of Mu’awiyah militia, 30,000 innocent men and women were massacred.

After the martyrdom of Imam Ali (pbuh), the Islamic state was placed in the hands of his son Imam Hasan (pbuh). Imam Hasan also signed a peace treaty with Mu’awiyah after several campaigns with Mu’awiyah militia, due to special circumstances created in Islamic lands and in order to prevent further gaps in the Ummah of Islam. One of his peace accords with Mu’awiyah was that Mu’awiyah had no right to determine his successor.
Mu’awiyah martyred Imam Hasan (pbuh), the son of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and introduced his son Yazid, who, unlike his father, was not even bound up with ethical and religious principles, and a perpetual, corrupted, tyrant as his successor and caliph of Muslims , after his death, took over the rule of Shaam and claimed the caliphate on Islamic countries.

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The era of Yazid autocracy in Islamic lands lasted only 3 years and several months; but he committed a great deal of human crimes during this short period, each of which is sufficient to show his corrupt, documentary and bloody character and his family.
Among the crimes of Yazid Ibn Mu’awiyah are three major crimes:

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1. The Bloody Catastrophe of Karbala: The most important crime committed by Yazid at the beginning of his rule was the bloody Karbala incident in the year of 61 AH(680 AD) and the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (pbuh) and his sons, relatives and companions and the capture of women and children. The privacy of the Prophet (pbuh) is in the hands of Yazid. In this crime, companions of Imam Husayn (pbuh), including children and women, were barred from access to the water of the Euphrates for three days, and all the companions of the Imam, even his 6-month-old child, with a thirsty tongue and under the burning sun of Karbala, were martyred by Yazid’s soldiers. They beheaded their holy heads and eventually Yazidi armored troops rode their horses on their clean bodies.

2. Massive Massacre of the People of Medina: in the month of Dhul-Hijjah, the year 63 AH two years after the bloody massacre of Karbala, when the Islamic Umma became aware of Yazid’s evil nature, they rebelled against Yazid and his corrupt and oppressive government in Medina. Yazid also ordered the 5,000-soldier army under the command of a cruel man named Moslem bin Uqba to suppress the uprising. After the siege of the city of Medina and the breaking of the people›s resistance, Muslims bin Uqba provided the lives and property of the people of this city with up to three days for his troops to carry out any crimes they want in the city. In this crime, more than 10,000 people were massacred and more than 1,000 women were raped and the property of the people of Medina was looted and the survivors were forced to sign their bondage documents of themselves and their parents for Yazid!

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3. Burning Ka’bah: Yazid’s Army moved to the city after plundering of Medina to fight with people of Mecca. The Yazid militia besieged Mecca and burned the cathedral, the Ka’bah, the house of God and the secure sanctuary of God and as a result, the curtains and ceiling of the Ka’bah which are a sacred place for all Muslims, were burned down. This siege and conflict ended with the news as to death of Yazid. Some believe that the reason for Yazid’s death was that Yazid was dancing in drunkenness, and he dropped to ground in this way and died!

Even today, Yazid followers known as ISIS in the world are equally committing the same crimes that Mu’awiyah and Yazid had committed before, and were proud of doing them. It is worthy that every chivalrous human by the study of history knows the intellectual and practical roots of these corrupt, perverted and bloodthirsty sects, and that these bloody and corrupt groups have, from the outset, been the subject of the Islamic society and they continue to be to this day.

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