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Introduction of Imam Sajjad (pbuh)

Imam Sajjad (pbuh) was Imam Husayn (pbuh)’s son and due to the abundance of worshipping and servitude, he is called «Sajjad» (one who does much prostration) and «Zain al-Abidin» (meaning the adornment of worshipers).

He was about 24 years old during the heart-rending event of Karbala, but he did not attend the battle because of a severe illness and God’e request and God kept him as Imam after Imam Husayn for guiding the Muslims.

With the martyrdom of his noble brother on the day of Ashura, the generation of the Prophet (pbuh) was confined to Imam Sajjad (pbuh) and his descendants.

After the day of Ashura, Imam Sajjad (pbuh) was taken with other captives to Kufa. The only man in the caravan of captives was Imam Sajjad (pbuh) so the enemy was more harsh to him.

As Imam Sajjad (pbuh) was on the back of a camel and his lovely hands were tied around the camel’s neck, he was chained, and his two legs were chained around the camel’s stomach.
Imam Sajjad (pbuh) pursued the goals of the martyrs of Karbala by mourning the martyrs of Karbala and keeping alive the memories of their sacrifices.

He, with his fiery speeches and sermons, managed to save Imam Husayn’s rightful movement from the onslaught of distortion and forgetfulness and keep the oppressed and the oppressor in their proper place forever.

In a way that, after fifteen centuries, the uprising of Ashura is still magnificent and eternal.

Imam Sajjad (pbuh), along the way, at every home where they stopped with the prisoners, spoke his fiery and scandalous speeches about the reality of the ruthless government of the Umayyad and the corrupt and bloody personality of Yazid and would destroy the Umayyad dynasty.

Once in Kufa, reminded the people of Kufa of false confessions to Imam Husayn (pbuh) and again disturbed Kufa’s governor in Ibn Ziad’s session.

Along the way, as prisoners traveled from Kufa to Shaam, those who had come to watch the prisoners’ caravans, he would inform them until they arrived at Shaam and Yazid’s palace.

Yazid, who was feeling victorious and regarded himself the winner of Karbala movement, ordered the setting up of a gathering so that the captives could enter the palace with special ceremonies and he could humiliate them.

The prisoners’ caravan entered Yazid’s palace while they were locked and chained to one another.

The dust of sorrow and pain was sitting on the faces of the prisoners, a smile of pride and joy appeared on Yazid’s and his associates’s faces.

Imam Sajjad (pbuh) did not remain silent at this gathering, and when his eyes fell on Yazid’s evil face, he said: «O Yazid, I swear by God, if the Prophet see us in this condition, what will he do to you?»

In fact, Yazid introduced prisoners’ caravan of Prophet’s Ahlulbayt (pbut) to the people of Shaam as foreigners, and Imam (pbuh), with this short sentence, transmitted a message to the audience in Yazid’s gathering, the message that we are descendants and grandchildren of Prophet of Islam.

The people of Shaam, who saw Yazid as the caliph of the Prophet of God and who respected the Prophet (pbuh), realized the truth. Imam Sajjad (pbuh) hit hard on the elements of Yazid’s government, scandalized him, and caused him lose his reputation.

Imam Sajjad (pbuh) said: “O Son of Mu’awiyah! If you knew what you have done to my father and brother, my cousins and my family, you would rush to the mountains and you would sleep on stones and shout and yell. «Imam Zain al-Abidin continued to introduce himself, when people started to cry out loudly.

The people of Shaam realized with the words of Imam Sajjad (pbuh), that Imam Husayn (pbuh) and those who were martyred in this cruel way in Karbala were not insurgents, but they were the family of the Messenger of Allah, which Yazid ruled his people as a successor.

The Jewish scholar who was present at Yazid’s meeting, after knowing the relationship between the Imam and the prisoners, blamed Yazid and said:

“Yesterday you separated from your Prophet and today you killed his child?» Yazid was forced to abandon his abominable and oppressive position because others blamed him, so he expressed remorse and apologized for what he had done to the Prophet’s family, and accused the governor of Kufa, namely, Obeidullah Bin Ziad for the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (pbuh) and his companions.

Yazid then asked Imam Sajjad (pbuh) if he had a request or suggestion and write it. The first request of Imam Sajjad (pbuh) and other prisoners of Karbala, was mourning for martyrs in the land of Karbala and returning to Medina, the city of the Prophet (pbuh).

The length of Imam Sajjad’s stop and the captives of the Prophet’s family stop in Shaam has been related from ten days to one month. One of the most famous works of Imam Sajjad (pbuh) is “Sahifa Sajjadiyah” and “Imam Sajjad’s (pbuh) rights treatise” which have been translated into many languages.

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