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Introduction of Children in Karbala (Hazrat Roghayyah (pbuh))

Hazrat RoghayyahRoqayyah (pbuh), Imam Husayn’s 3-year-old daughter, was very loved by him. On the day of Ashura, when Imam (pbuh) wanted to enter the battlefield, Roqayyah (pbuh) came out of Imam’s tent and ran toward Imam Husayn (pbuh) and grabbed his garment and said: «O father! Look at me!

God will quench your thirst

I’m thirsty.” This little girl’s heart-rending request saddened Imam’s heart, and tears swirled from his eyes and he said with tearful eyes:

«My daughter, Roqayyah! God will quench your thirst; because he is my attorney and refuge.» Then he took the three-year-old Roqayyah’s hand, and brought her to the tent, and left her with her sisters. Imam set off to the battlefield and after a while he was martyred.

23 children from the Prophet’s family

On the evening of Ashura and Imam Husayn’s martyrdom, when Yazid militants attacked the tents of Imam and his martyrs, they found in the tents a total of 23 children from the Prophet’s family who have were dying of thirst.

Umar Sa’d (the commander of the Yazid army) allowed his soldiers to give the children water. When it was the three-year-old Roqayyah’s turn, she took the bowl of water and ran to the father’s killing place.

They martyred your father with thirsty lips

One of the enemy’s soldiers asked her: «Where are you going?»

Roqayyah (pbuh) said: “My father was thirsty. I want to find him and take water for him. «He said: drink it yourself. They martyred your father with thirsty lips! Roqayyah said, while crying: «So I will not drink water either.»

Roqayyah (pbuh) was taken captive along with other grief-stricken women and orphaned children.

But Yazid’s ruthless armies, instead of pity and comforting these orphans, took them in the worst way and took them to Shaam. Along the way, Hazrat Zainab (pbuh), who was aware of Roqayyah’s great love for her father, tried to prevent this three-year-old child from seeing the holy head of Imam Husayn (pbuh) on the spear.

The father, took his sweetheart girl with himself to the heavens

In the city of Shaam, in order to insult the family of the Prophet Muhammad, left the prisoners’ caravans in ruins. On one of the nights, Roqayyah was constantly calling and missing her father.

She cried out at midnight, and her cries reached Yazid, and he ordered that her fathers’s head be put in a bowl and taken to Roqayyah. When they took the bowl for Roqayyah, the innocent infant thought they have brought her food.

But when she threw the covering away, she faced Imam Husayn’s holy head. She hugged her father’s head and kissed his cracked lips and got soothed ever after. The father, took his sweetheart girl with himself to the heavens.

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