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Introduction of Children in Karbala (Hazrat Ali Asghar (pbuh))

Hazrat Ali Asghar

Hazrat Ali Asghar (pbuh)

Imam Husayn (pbuh) has brought the Qur’an with himself to swear to the Quran! When Imam put his cloak aside, the moon-like face the infant was revealed, which was half dead by thirst. There was a buzz among Yazid’s army!
that we have hostility with Husayn (pbuh), not with his infant child who does not have any guilt!
Imam (pbuh) addressed Yazid’s soldiers:
«You killed my brothers and children and my fellows, and there is no other than this child that because of thirst, opens and closes his mouth like a baby fish, and this child has no fault I have brought him to you to quench him. O people, if you do not have mercy on me, have some mercy on this child, do not you see how he closes and opens his mouth from thirst?
The words of the Imam were not over yet, when Umar Sa’d, commander of Yazid’s army ordered to target the thin throat of Ali Asghar (pbuh) by a three-blade bow that even cut through the chest of warriors!
The bow struck Ali Asghar’s neck and his throat was cut from ear to ear.
The Imam (pbuh) looked at him in total disbelief while dying! And Imam was crying. A voice came from the heaven: O Husayn, do not think about Asghar; now a mother is ready to breastfeed him in the Heaven.
Husayn (pbuh) threw Ali Asghar (pbuh)’s blood into the sky. They say that even a drop of his blood did not return to the ground!
It seems that the angels have taken it as a booty to testify on the Day of Judgment that what Husayn (pbuh) suffered and the cruelty and the oppression that his descendants of the Prophet went through.
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