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Introduction of Hazrat Zainab (pbuh)an example of patience

 Hazrat ZainabHazrat Zainab (pbuh) was the dear daughter of Imam Ali (pbuh) and Hazrat Fatima (pbuh) and one of two noble sisters of Imam Husayn (pbuh). During her blessed lifetime, she faced many hardships.

Hazrat Zainab: an example of patience and endurance

Understanding and enduring the innocent martyrdom of her father, mother and older brother (i.e. Imam Hasan (pbuh)) manifested her as an example of patience and endurance.

But the apex of this patience and endurance can be seen in her presence in Karbala and seeing the horrific scenes of Imam Husayn (pbuh) martyrdom and their sons and their brothers and children, as well as bearing the suffering of captivity, which is more painful to her than all the misfortunes before Ashura.

Because in one day, she lost all her beloved ones, especially her brother, Imam Husayn (pbuh). But the virtues of Zainab (pbuh) were not limited to her endless patience.

Hazrat Zainab: Father’s Adornment

Because all people knew Zaynab Kobra (pbuh) as a lady of wisdom, worshipping, piety, and chastity, who was righteously entitled as the good descendants of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh).

Therefore, they called her Zainab meaning «Father’s Adornment».

During the heart-rending calamity of Karbala, Hazrat Zainab was 55 years old. Ashura Day was one of the hardest and most painful days for Zainab (pbuh). She saw with her own eyes how the Yazidis martyred the sons and daughters of the Prophet (pbuh) one by one and separated their heads from their bodies.

Hazrat Zainab: important role in the tragic events of Karbala

Her patience has led her to restrain this suffering and instead of weeping and mourning, has self-control over these crimes and take charge of the family.

She played an important role in the tragic events of Karbala.

The first task was to control the affairs of women and children and invite them to patience and restraint against hardships. On the other hand, she was a solid support for her brother and Imam, namely Imam Husayn (pbuh), and in all the sufferings, she was an associate, sorrowful, and obedient in all affliction of her brother.

With the martyrdom of Imam (pbuh) and his faithful companions and followers, the main responsibility of the captives’ caravan, consisting of grief-stricken and mourning women, and the orphans was on the shoulder of Hazrat Zainab (pbuh). She did not even use her water quota in Karbala’s incident, and gave it to the children.

Hazrat Zainab: reveal the evil personality and Yazid’s unpleasant intentions

On the path from Kufa and Shaam, with utmost sacrifice, she divided the loaf of bread among the children, which they gave them as a ration and daily ration. She suffered and tolerated hardships and lashes, and did not allow the lashes to hit the children’s bodies.

But the most important performance of Zainab (pbuh) in the Ashura incident was to reveal the evil personality and Yazid’s unpleasant intentions and his corrupt and ruthless ruling government.

n the city of Kufa, in the meeting of Yazid, called Ibn Ziyad, and in the city of Shaam in Yazid’s meeting, with illuminating and sermonized speeches, scandalized the Umayyad ruling system, so that throughout history, the disaster of Karbala and the victory of Hosseini blood on the swords of Umayyad remained alive in the minds.

Hazrat Zainab: I surely will make you worthless and small

For example, in Yazid’s meeting, with disregard of Yazid’s apparent power, she says the following with the most eloquent and compelling tone:

«If the great miseries of this time, have brought me here to speak with you, but I surely will make you worthless and small, and I will see your blame greatly, and I will rebuke you abundantly, but what can I do? Eyes are tearful and chests are burning.

It is a great surprise that a divine and chosen group, are killed by the hands of the devil’s party and the slaves, and our blood dripping from these foul hands, and the pieces of our flesh come out of your [foul] mouth, and you wild wolves continually come to these clean and pure bodies, and the kids of the hyenas rub those meats on the ground?

If you today see victory over us as a trophy for yourself, you will soon find it as a compensation for yourself [and a cause of harm], on that day you will not find anything but the result of your own actions.

And Allah will never oppress his servants. I will only complain to God only and trust only in him.

perfect example of a pure and chaste lady

[O Yazid] Do whatever deceitful action you have planned and do your best and work hard, and every effort you take; but swear to God [with of all these efforts] you can not sweep our memories from among people, and you can not turn [the lights] of our revelations off and you will not hurt our position.

You will always have this stigma with you.

Your opinion is low and your government’s time will be short and your population will be dispersed …”

Zainab’s eloquence and rhetoric was so evident in the sermons that as if Ali (pbuh), the most eloquent speaker of Arabic history, was speaking through Zainab’s voice.

Hazrat Zainab (pbuh) has rightly proved that she is a perfect example of a pure and chaste lady and maintained her chastity even in the most difficult conditions in order to be an example for the free women of the world.

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