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Introducing some significant companions of Imam Husayn (pbuh)

 companions of Imam Husayn Wahb Ibn Abdullah Kalbi

Wahb Ibn Abdullah Kalbi and his wife, Hania, were a newly married bride and groom who spent the most beautiful honeymoon ever in the history of humanity in Karbala.
When Imam Husayn (pbuh)’s caravan reached the desert of Sa’labiyya, they saw a tent in the desert that Wahb’s Christian family, his wife and mother were living there;
Imam Husayn (pbuh) went near their tent. Qamar, Wahb’s mother, welcomed Imam Husayn (pbuh), and Imam greeted her and asked how their living condition was. Qamar replied:

join us and help us to defend the right

«The owner of this tent is my son Wahb, he got married a few days ago, and our needs in this desert are very much, especially in need of water» Imam Husayn (pbuh) chose a place around the tent and pushed the soils away and a water spring came out. When he was saying goodbye to them, he said: «We need help and fellows.
When your son came back say to him to join us and help us to defend the right ».
Qamar, who was fascinated by the greatness of Imam’s position, told Wahb about it after he returned from the desert.
Wahb, who saw the miracle of the water spring, although only five days had passed from his wedding, accompanied by his mother and his wife, without hesitation went to Imam Husayn (pbuh) and was accompanied by his Imam. After that, this family came to Karbala as part of the caravan of Imam Husayn (pbuh).
On the day of Ashura, Wahb, as a young man, was ready to enter the battlefield. But Hania, his wife, was restless and did not want to be separated from Wahb.

you will be a companion of the angels

«When you are killed, you will go to Heaven and you will be a companion of the angels,» Hania said in a frightened manner to his husband.
Then you will forget me. Calm me down. Take me to Imam and promise me in his presence that you will not forget Hania in Heaven.»
They both went to Imam to be assured. Hania had two requests from Imam Husayn (pbuh).
One was that after Wahb’s martyrdom, they join her to the household of the Imams and the Imam’s family, and the second was that the Imam will bear witness that Wahb will not forget Hania after his martyrdom and in heaven. Imam (pbuh) calmed her down and promised Hania that her wishes would be fulfilled.
Wahb went to the field, and fought heroically. In this intense battle, Wahb’s hands were cut off and he was captured by Yazid’s army.

We do not take back what we have given to God

Yazid army separated Wahb’s head from his body and sent it to his mother to sadden his heart. But Wahb’s mother took her young son’s head and kissed it and said:
«Praise and thanks to God who made me proud in front of Husayn (pbuh) with your martyrdom” Then she took the head and said:»
«We do not take back what we have given to God, and threw her son’s head to the enemy. »
Then she went to his tent and took the pillar of the tent and attacked Yazid’s army and killed two of them.
Imam Husayn (pbuh) told Wahb’s mother to come back and said that it is not obligatory (wajib) for women to do jihad, and that you will be glad to accompany your child as the companion of the Prophet (pbuh) and you will both be in Heaven.
Wahb’s wife brought herself to him, and she was screaming on the enemy.
The brutal armies of Yazid came to her and martyred her alongside her husband’s body. Wahb’s wife was the first woman to be martyred during the Karbala incident.
source: www.Byislam.com