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Introducing some significant companions of Imam Husayn (pbuh)

Horr Bin Yazid Riahi

In the incident of Ashura, a number of believers, whose hearts were full of faith in God, were present in the Imam Husayn (pbuh) against Yazid’s forces. Although the number of these people was very small in comparison to Yazid’s army, but their great spirits, their great and just efforts caused the Ashura incident to become greater day by day in the people’s minds. In the following, we will look at the characters of some of Imam Husayn’s companions.

Horr Bin Yazid Riahi

Horr bin Yazid Riahi was one of the elders of Kufa and he was recognized in his tribe, and for this reason he had a privileged position. Initially, he was in Yazid’s army and in opposition of Imam Husayn (pbuh).

He was the commander of a thousand people in the Umar Saad army, and after Umar Saad, he was considered the most important personality of the Kufa army.

stopped Imam Husayn in the desert of Karbala

In the incident of Karbala, Horr was in front of the caravan of Imam Husayn (pbuh) and stopped Imam Husayn in the desert of Karbala so that to pave the way for the Karbala disaster.

But on the day of Ashura and during the confrontation between the two armies of Yazid and Imam Husayn (pbuh), Horr, who saw himself between right and wrong, Hell and Paradise, he bravely decided to separate from Yazid’s army and join Imam Husayn (pbuh), although he knew this decision would lead to his martyrdom.

Horr went away on the excuse of taking water from Yazid’s army and approached Imam Husayn (pbuh). In the vicinity of Imam Husayn’s location, he said to one of his companions:

midst of paradise and hell

«I swear by God, I see myself in the midst of paradise and hell, and if my body is torn and burned, I will not prefer anything to paradise.»

Horr went to Imam Husayn (pbuh) and apologized to him for his behavior and performance. Imam Husayn (pbuh) accepted his repent in the most beautiful way.

from Satan toward divine meeting

Horr asked Imam Husayn (pbuh) to allow him to be the first one to fight Yazid’s Army and Imam allowed him. Like an angry lion, he attacked the Yazid Army, and after a brave battle, he sacrificed his life like a free man to protect the religion of God and the truth.

The distance from Yazid’s Army to the Imam Husayn’s army was apparently short, but in fact his movement and separation was from Satan toward divine meeting.

helping the oppressed against oppression

Horr’s courageous act is exceptional in the history; because Yazid’s army came into conflict with the son of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to gain wealth and power, and Horr was the owner of property and plentiful wealth and was of great status; however, with all of these assets, he did not stop helping the oppressed against oppression and establishing justice and defending the truth, and sacrificed his life in this way.

For this reason, when Imam Husayn (pbuh) went to him at the time of his martyrdom, he said: «I swear by God that your mother did not make a mistake in naming you Horr (meaning free).” By Allah, I swear you are free in this world and in the hereafter».

source: www.Byislam.com

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