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If God is Merciful, why is life unfair?

Everyone in this life has his / her own tests and no one is without test. The sufferings in this life can be sometime because of our own bad deeds, or it can be a test to us. Ultimately, all of us will get the reward of our good deeds and the result of the bad deeds.

Paradise is not for everyone, but for those who had true faith and good deeds. The Justice of God will be obvious to all on the Day of Judgment, where the sufferings of the innocents will be rewarded for and all deeds will have its own results. Many people suffer in this life because of injustice done by oppressors and wrong doers. Nothing is away from Allah’s Justice, as Allah sees everything, and gives the result of it, although, Allah gives time to sinners and does not punish them immediately in most of the cases.

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