Do not blame the world


It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: If a person tells the world: May God make your face ugly, the world will reply: God will make the face of sinners ugly [1].

In another narration, the prophet (PBUH) said: Do not insult the world! Why do you insult the world? The world is a tame mean for a believer and will benefit him/her whilst removing evil from them. For the sake of the world, the benefits are gained and harms are removed, when a human being says: Curse of God on the world! The world will reply:

Curse of God is on a person who uses me as a mean to sin! Can a person who take a knife and kill someone say, may God curse this knife? The knife also will reply: May God curse you that by using me, you killed an innocent person [2]. Therefore the world can help to solve the problems relating to the life of hereafter but due to human’s love of the world, this benefit is lost and cannot be of any use.

The heartfelt attachment to the materialistic pleasures will lead to wrongful utilization of the world and with the use of the sharp knife of materialism; the life of hereafter will be destroyed [3].

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