Canadian Jewish businessman campaigns to free Iraqi women captives

eeSteve Maman, Jewish businessman from Canadian Montreal, started last year a campaign to free Iraqi women held captives in the hands of Da’ish (ISIS) organization.

Da’ish gunmen stormed into Iraqi Sinjar Mountain, where mostly inhabited by the Izidi sect, and held hundreds of women and children, forcing them to slavery.

Today, Maman is organizing an international campaign to release 128 Izidi and Christian women and “free them from sex slavery” practiced by Da’ish against its victims.

Western press named Maman as “the Jewish Schindler”, in reference to Oscar Schindler, who was one of the prominent businessmen during the Nazi rule.

Schindler was successful in saving hundreds of Jews working in his factories for the Holocaust and Nazi chasing in Poland.

The story of Schindler was a subject for a film in 1993 and got 7 Oscar prizes.

Media reports said that Maman, 42, managed to collect 200.000 dollars in two days to be paid to the kidnappers for freeing the Izidi and Christian women in Iraq.

It is expected that Da’ish organization will release 10 women in the coming few days, the reports added.

In August, 2014, Da’ish gunmen killed more than 5000 Izidis, mostly in collective killing operations, according to UN reports.

Maman, father of six children, started his campaign to get 500.000 dollars, but now he is planning to get 5 million dollars for this end, the reports added.

Some sources expected that Da’ish will release some of the captives for financial ransoms reaching 1000-3000 dollars each.

About 2700 Christian and Izidi women are still in the hands of Da’ish organization, as some sources expected.