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“Bigamy of Woman”

Bigamy of WomanThe “Bigamy of Woman” is forbidden in Islam. It means that a woman is not allowed to have more than one husband. On the other hand a man is allowed to have more than one wife. We talked in detail about the bigamy of men, so let’s talk about that of woman.

Throughout the history except in a few cases, the women have not had more than one husband. The psychological researches show that women themselves are so eager to have just one husband.

So the bigamy of women is against the nature of the women.

One of the bad results of that is the mistake in the generations. In such a relation i.e. the bigamy of women the connection between fathers and children is not clear, because it is not clear that to which husband the child of the wife belongs, while the definite connection between the previous generation and the next one is as an instinct in the innate nature of the human.

Another bad effect of that is that in such cases the deep attention that a normal father has to his child, cannot be created because the husbands of a wife are not sure about this matter that which child is theirs, so they are not eager to raise the child properly and they see no responsibility on their shoulders about that child. So if a child is not under deep attention and love of his/her father, he/she definitely will face many crises in the future.

The bigamy of women cannot supply the sexual needs of the men. Because a women might not be able to fulfill the needs of different men properly, so the sexual need of men remains unanswered, A need that if is not fulfilled logically, it will cause so many problems and destroy the tranquility of the man.

Another point here is that the bigamy of women removes the love. It is accepted by the psychology that a woman needs love while having sexual relations. Having different intercourses with different men is not due to the natural amount of the sexual needs of a woman. On the other hand when different men want to have intercourse with a woman, it causes them to find hostility between themselves, the matter which might cause many disputes and conflicts.

When we refer to the psychology we find out that in the process of the sexual intercourse the woman wants to be loved and be asked for creating the relation. But in the case of bigamy this need of women is not fulfilled completely, because different man do not spend enough time to gradually prepare the woman for such a relation, so in such cases the sexual violence happens and this state not only deprives a women from sexual pleasure but also makes the intercourse as a hateful act to the women.

The obscenity of the bigamy of women is so much obvious to the extent that the most corrupted persons in the world, consider it as a kind or obscene act, so how do some people expect the religion of Islam which is are religion of intellect to decree the permit of this so obscene act?

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