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40 Qualities a Good Muslim Youth Should Have

Muslim-Youth2-1200x661 If a young Muslim wants to be a successful person in his/her life he or she should possess the following  40 qualities:

  1. Sincerely believing in Allah and completely relying on Him

    2. Being able to control and lead himself

    3. Always looking for progress and success within what Allah has permitted

    4. Driving fear away from inside him

    5. Being magnanimous and patient

    6. Not belittling himself

    7. Observing the Islamic principles and dealing with people accordingly

    8. Making use of every blessing Allah has given to him

    9. Caring for his health and the right of his body over him

    10. Not being excessive in eating and drinking

    11. Serving other people as much as possible

    12. Not being confused when someone disagrees with him concerning his true belief, for people, throughout history, are different

    13. Liking to undertake and carry out responsibilities

    14. Being frank and honest and not beating around the bush

    15. Not delaying in doing good

    16. Reading useful books that will benefit him

    17. Making friends with good people

    18. Not thinking of gaining the content of everyone around him, because this requires hypocrisy

    19. Avoiding disputes and idle talks

    20. Not mocking others

    21. Mentioning the good deeds and fine qualities of others

    22. Criticizing himself and watching his deeds

    23. Persuading himself that he is able to do what is required

    24. Thanking Allah for every blessing

    25. Not being like a tool in the hands of others

    26. Knowing his position in life well

    27. Showing his opinion with evidence when needed

    28. Being more a listener than a speaker

    29. Offering presents to those who have given him presents on occasions

    30. Believing that he is important in life and has a value in the existence

    31. Not involving himself in bad doings, and when this happens, he has to repent, pray to Allah to forgive him, and try to restore his morale

    32. Not living idly and not wasting his time

    33. Looking forward to the future and trying to achieve it sincerely

    34. Arming himself with good deeds to receive the death that he shall meet inevitably

    35. Not spending his life unmarried

    36. Reciting the Qur’an and supplications with understanding and reflection

    37. Not being satisfied with a certain limit of success and stop going forward

    38. Pardoning those who do wrong to him

    39. Strengthening his relations with his kin and being dutiful to his family

    40. Ordering his life, relations and all his affairs


Written by: Abdul Adheem al-Muhtadi al-Bahrani

Translated by: Abdullah al-Shahin

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