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Essence Deficiency of Women

The second question is thus: Some of the religious expressions raise doubt in regard of common identity of the woman and man, like the phrase saying that the women having defective intellect and shortage in faith… etc. Studying every and each one of these samples is quite out of scope of this research and discussion, but I can give some criteria and rules through which we can judge and issue ... Read More »

Field of Difference between Woman & Man

So many statements are said in regard of differences between woman and the man, with some of them believing these differences to be little in number and of no value and some believing many differences are there between these two species. It is not easy to prove these claims. What can be cited briefly and defended is the following: 1. Verily a difference is there between woman and man, and ... Read More »

The Concealed Belief

All Muslims, shi’ah and sunni, boast of their history due to having virtuous and chaste women, enumerating for them distinguished characteristics from which many men are deprived. Among these great notable ladies we can refer to: Khadijah, Fatimah (A), Umm Salamah, Zaynab, Hamidah “wife of al-Imam as-Sadiq (A), Sawsan “mother of al-Imam al-Hasan al-Askari (A), Hakeemah “daughter of al-Imam al-Jawad (A) and Umm Ahmad “wife of al-Imam al-Kadhim (A), and ... Read More »

Paradise is under the Feet of Women

In a hadith reported from the Prophet (S), he said: “Paradise is verily under the foot of the woman.”10 This hadith is recorded in books of hadith with other versions, like: “Paradise is under the feet of mothers,” 11 and: “Construction of paradise is under feet of mothers.”1 and others. Honouring Women In regard of honouring the women, the Prophet (S) said: “The best of you are those who be too ... Read More »

How can Felicity be Obtained by Man & Woman?

The Qur’an has introduced only one way toward felicity of man, and invited and asked all children of Adam, men and women, to follow and adopt that way. “Enjoined I not on you O children of Adam! that ye should worship not Satan? for he is your open enemy. And ye should worship “only” Me, “and” this is the “only” Right way?” (Qur’an, 36:60, 61). Throughout the five daily “obligatory” ... Read More »

How Do Woman & Man Enjoy the Values?

A number of values are stated in the holy Qur’an that can be a moral measurement criterion for man, and in which no distinction or preference is seen. These values are the following: Faith and Good Deed “Whosoever did good, whether male or female, and he be a believer, then We will certainly make him live a life good and pure…” (Qur’an, 16:97). Knowledge “Allah will exalt those who believe ... Read More »

What is the Aim of Creation of Woman & Man?

Is there any difference in the objective of creation of woman and man? Has the Qur’an stated any distinction between women and men in this respect? The answers for these questions are definitely in negative, as the Qur’an mentions the goal of creation to be servitude and devotion, no difference is there in this regard between the woman and man. Also no separation is seen between the two in regard ... Read More »

How Qur’an Introduces Talents of Men & Women

The second question whose answer should be found in the holy Qur’an being: How were the aptitudes and abilities of the woman and man divided in the Qur’an? And are all of them stated to belong to the men alone? Or no distinction is mentioned in it? Further many verses are there in the Qur’an demonstrating the genetic and legislative talents and powers of human beings, using everywhere words of ... Read More »

Philosophy of Creation of Woman

In two Qur’anic verses a reference is made to a subject from which we can conclude a supposition that the woman was created for the man and she being a parasite to him. Herewith I cite these verses, after which I will elaborate and explain their meanings: • “He it is Who created you from a single self and from it did He make his mate that he may dwell ... Read More »

Creation of Woman out of Man

When reading some of the Qur’anic verses, we may come to conclude that Allah has created the woman from the man, and this is considered a kind of deficiency on the part of the women. These verses are the following: “O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single self and created from it, its mate, and from them twain hath spread abroad ... Read More »